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Traditional Geocache
PAPS OF JURA - Beinn An Oir

by Special K.     United Kingdom > Scotland

This geocache description may be outdated. See the log entries for more information.

N 55° 54.135' W 006° 00.251' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 26 July 2006
 Listed since: 22 November 2007
 Last update: 24 April 2011
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Description    Deutsch (German)


...dominate the Southern Half of Jura. Composed of quartzite, they were sculpted in their rounded shape by the action of glaciers of the Ice Age.

Paps of Jura
Beinn an Oir(785m) and Beinn a Chaolais(733m) seen from the West Coast of Jura


...is the highest peak of the Paps of Jura on the island of Jura. It is the highest peak on the island, standing at 785 metres, and is thereby a Corbett. The name is Gaelic and means "mountain of gold"


Most likely you will enter The Isle of Jura at Feolin Ferry (visit link).

If you take your car to the island, you can drive up to Ardfernal (N55 52.588 W5 53.923)and start your hike from there.

For those who travelling on foot the Jura Bus Service can cater for all your needs.The bus service runs from Monday to Saturday. For further information call Alex Dunnachie on +44 (0)1496 820314 or +44 (0)1496 820 221.

If you are a tough hiker you can choose the route which the runners of the annual Jura Fell Race (visit link) use.


During the period 1st July to 15th February (legal season) a deer cull takes place on the island. Some estates do start their season in mid July. Howver most do not usually start till mid August. This autorised cull takes place to control the population of stags, hinds and calves.
For your own safety it is important that you contact individual estates on which you wish to walk.
There is also a Hill Phone service which you should contact - 01496 820151.


* Ardfin - 01496 820396
* Ardlussa - 01496 820252
* Barnhill - 01496 820327
* Inver - 01496 820223
* Ruantallain - 01496 820287
* Tarbert - 01496 820207
* The Forest - 01496 820132

No shooting takes place on sundays.

Good Luck
Special K.

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haqre ebpxf ng gur onfr ba gur fbhgu fvqr bs gur fznyy clenzvq. [You DO NOT need to remove the pyramid!!! Please use the SPOILER!!!]



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