Airfield Aspern

 Short walk. Flat terrain, nevertheless unsuitable for strollers

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Achtung! Dieser Geocache ist „archiviert“! Es befindet sich kein Behälter an den angegebenen (oder zu ermittelnden) Koordinaten. Im Interesse des Ortes sollte von einer Suche unbedingt abgesehen werden!

N 48° 13.446' E 016° 30.071' (WGS84)

 andere Koordinatensysteme
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 Versteckt am: 23. März 2008
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 Letzte Änderung: 15. November 2009
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During the next two decades a new part of the town will be built on the old airfield in Aspern. At stage 1 there is a small exhibition (open on weekends) about the ongoing project. From the top of the two containers the airfield can be overlooked a bit better.
The development will take place in several phases. The southwesterly corner of the area should remain accessible at least until Phase 2.

From July 2008 crossing the area by foot or bike is supposed to be possible (at your own risk). According to the exhibition there will be a connection to the eastern side of the area (memorial forest) and thus to Mogel's Lostplace Aspern). At the time being there was no possibilty to cross the airfield.

More information about the history of the airfield and the project can be found at Masterplan Flugfeld Aspern (in German only).

Dogs and their Owners are a common sight here. With all the consequences ...

Although the maps may look like it, it is not possible to drive to the airfield via "An den alten Schanzen" (barred at the end) by car, this access is only for pedestrians.

Stage 1 - INFO: N48° 13.446 E16° 30.071

If the Info-Cube is open children may pick up a yellow sheet "Flugfeldrallye". A small surprise is promised for answering the questions. We don't know what kind of surprise this is (we can't pretend to be children and on the day the cache was hidden easter-eggs where handed out freely anyhow).

What is the dominating colour at this place (apart from light-brown)?

  • blue ... A = 4
  • white (formerly painted green) ... A = 5
  • red ... A = 6

Stage 2 - Anchor: N48° 13.363 E16° 30.145

Amazing how little space and infrastructure a zeppelin needed. In the year 1931 the famous "Graf Zeppelin" landed at this very spot. The era of the flying cigars is over and nature has overgrown most of the old anchoring place. What is the diameter of the concrete edge of the anchor approximately?

  • 1 Meter ... B = 3
  • 1,5 Meter ... B = 5
  • 3 Meter ... B = 7

Stage 3 - Water N48° 13.380 E16° 29.911

Along the grove several watersupplies can be seen. If you take the upper lid of this one apart, how many single part you will get?

  • 1 ... C = 5
  • 2 ... C = 6
  • 3 ... C = 7

The grove is only a temporary plantation. The saplings you can see here will be planted throughout the new parts of this town as it is built. Once the grove is empty the new town is completed.

Stage 4 - Gimme a G, gimme an E ... N48° 13.390 E16° 29.869

What letter is given at this point?

  • S ... D = 5
  • T ... D = 7
  • W ... D = 9

Stage 5 - J.R.Ewing N48° 13.408 E16° 29.819

It seems that the desired black gold wasn't found here, else the place would be crowded by oil-well derricks now.
The remainings of the old drilling site are anything else but spectacular. How far away from the corner of the grove you can find the remains?

  • 10 m ... E = 2
  • 30 m ... E = 4
  • 50 m ... E = 6

The Cache N48° 13.ABD E16° 29.CEC

As there is no cover on the airfield the cache is not hidden on the field itself. Be careful on the way to the cache: In the area you can find old bunkers (fallen in), malicious thorns and bees. As with all my caches there is an easy and safe way to the cache. Do not take a walk through any of the bee-hives!

The cache is a small white plastic-container, in the beginning it contained a logstrip, a pencil, a bear and two glass-stones. Please do not stuff the log further in than the "neck" of the bottle, so the next cacher can retrieve it more easily.

Good Luck

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Hinweis 15. November 2009 Gavriel hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Nachdem der Zeppelinlandeplatz nicht mehr legal zugänglich ist und überhaupt die Bauarbeiten knapp bevor stehen, wurde der Cache spontan eingesammelt und archiviert

gefunden 03. September 2009 tweetykojote hat den Geocache gefunden

beiGC schon lange geloggt nun auch hier eingetragen


tftc tweetykojote 

gefunden 29. Juli 2009 chris2286266 hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach einem schweisstreibenden (Mittagshitze) aber interessantem Spaziergang übers AirField Cache um ca. 14:35 gehoben. Hinweg durch Dornen (aua), Rückweg dann ungefährlicher (hätte am Hinweg besser schauen sollen ;-)

Danke fürs Zeigen & TFTC

gefunden 25. März 2009 sterau hat den Geocache gefunden

THX für das Zeigen des Zeppelinlandeplatzes. Sterau

gefunden 03. Januar 2009 guenti hat den Geocache gefunden

nette runde im rudel mit trinety, stegi, TeamSo, team cachefinder, ROD und "spürhund" nelly bei herrlichem wetter, auch die "logische" ecke konnte sich nicht verbergen und wurde einfach zur ecke - logisch -
out: GC
team guenti