Andritzer Plattenrunde

 11km hike from Andritz to Platte (651m) and back. Elevation change 300m, ascend/descend 370m.

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N 47° 06.195' E 015° 25.398' (WGS84)

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 Grootte: klein
Status: Beschikbaar
 Lengte: 11 km
 Verborgen op: 22. maart 2008
 Listed since: 01. mei 2008
 Laatste verandering: 15. augustus 2016
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC5958
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Basic information
This cache leads from the heart of Andritz, the 12th district of Graz, to the top of the Platte, a 651 meter high rise north-east of the city.
The route consists of paved roads with hardly any traffic, forest roads and trails along meadows and through forestal areas.
Even though this cache follows existing hiking trails on some parts of the route I still hope to be able to show something new to a few visitors.
If you want to look up the route on a map: Zelinkagasse - Ursprungweg - Rotmoosweg - Radegunder Strasse - Weizbachweg - #85a - "Koller" - 2. Plattenkreuz - Stephanienwarte - Plattensteig - 1. Plattenkreuz - Oberer Plattenweg - #85 - Pfeifferhofweg - Im Vogelsang - Pfeifferhofweg - Zelinkagasse
For some it might be possible to do this cache by bicycle but note that on some parts of the route it's not allowed to ride a bike.
The drive-in department might be interested to know that all questions that need to be answered are located at places where reaching them by car is either impossible, forbidden or all in all will take longer than walking the tour.

Nearby caches
It would make sense to take a print-out of Memory I oder Plattenwandertag (GCMBY2) and Stephanienwarte (GC1AE0C) with you if you haven't already found these two caches. While the latter is right next to this caches' route the first one requires a small detour.
The header coordinates are close to the bus and tram station "Andritz" which can be reached by public transport with tram lines 4 and 5 and bus lines 41, 52 and 53.
By bike the header coordinates are easily reachable by first following the R2 Murradweg and then the "Andritz" bikeway signs.
For cars there are some parking lots at the given parking coordinates (N47°06.157 E015°25.402). There are usually no cars there on weekends but during the week it might be necessary to look for an alternative parking location.


At the header coordinates follow the street leading north-east until you reach the Schoeckelbach creek. There follow the bikeway (without crossing the creek) until you reach a street with a crosswalk (Rotmoosweg; WP1; N47°06.744 E015°25.510). To your left you see the Johanneshof, but we turn right and follow the street uphill. At a traffic light cross the street, but don't continue along the marked trail #85a. Instead follow the street a few meters to the south and then turn left (Weizbachweg; WP2; N47°06.602 E015°25.844).

First question - Q1 (N47°06.794 E015°26.754): How many mailboxes (for different households) are here? Result: A

At WP3 (N47°06.788 E015°27.407) keep left.

Second question - Q2 (N47°06.987 E015°27.370): At the A-shaped power pole you will find two small tags. One which is right above another small tag of the same size contains a letter and some digits - we are interested in the digits. Result: BC

Follow the street through the homestead. There is a nice cross right after it on the right side.
WP4 (N47°07.152 E015°27.452) offers a nice view. Follow trail #85a in front of you (north-east direction) - don't turn left downhill or immediately right towards the forest. You will see the first trail marks as soon as you reach the forest.
Update Jan 2016: The paths in this area have changed in the last years as one is no longer allowed to walk by some nearby houses. From WP4 walk a few meters to the north and then follow the path into the forest towards Q3 (coordinates below). This used to be trail #85a which now bypasses the private area after Q3 on the south side.

Third question - Q3 (N47°07.254 E015°27.708): Number of letters of the last name of the person that died here. Result: D

Update Jan 2016: After Q3 please don't follow the old #85a trail that would go into now private property. Instead try to find a path leading south where you will reach the current (new) #85a that goes around the private area.

You will soon reach a street crossing. If you haven't found "Memory I oder Plattenwandertag" (GCMBY2) yet and have time for a small detour it would make sense to go for that cache. Otherwise keep on trail #85a until you reach the Stephanienwarte (WP5; N47°06.756 E015°28.173). If you haven't found "Stephanienwarte" (GC1AE0C) yet.. well you know.

Fourth question - at WP5 (N47°06.756 E015°28.173): On the outside above the entrance portal (not next to the locked door inside!) you will find a plate with four lines of text. How many words are on the 3rd line? Result: E

(Note: It does not matter how you would write it, I am referring to the number of words on the plate)

Update Jan 2016: Since 2010 the tower is now open to visitors in summer on holidays and weekends from 10-19h.

Follow trail #85 downhill towards WP6 (N47°06.680 E015°28.096) which offers another nice view.

Update Aug-24-2008: There is a new inn near the viewpoint, opened about one month ago. It offers both Italian and traditional food.
Update Jan 2016: The inn is closed since quite a while.

People who are hungry or thirsty can then visit Buschenschank Erart (Fri-Sun 14-22; N47°06.543 E015°27.799) and then continue on trail #85.
Note that the trail leaves the street at WP7 (N47°06.447 E015°27.479)!

Fifth question - Q5 (N47°06.451 E015°26.540): To your left you will see an unexpected object in some distance. It's (Result F): 2-blue, 5-silver, 7-gold, 9-red.
Update Aug-24-2008: Note that if you don't see the object due to vegetation take the next street to your left and follow it for a few meters.

You can use the nearby bench to calculate the final coordinates.


WP8 (N47°06.450 E015°26.437): Leave the street and follow the unmarked trail to your left into the forest.
WP9 (N47°06.344 E015°26.045): Leave the forest, follow the street downhill. At the next crossing go left, downhill. Then continue towards the header coordinates.

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Logs van Andritzer Plattenrunde    Gevonden 14x Niet gevonden 0x Opmerking 1x

Gevonden The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 19. januari 2020, 15:05 bogota heeft de cache gevonden

Schöne Runde :-)


Gevonden 23. april 2014, 16:00 na6azemlia heeft de cache gevonden

Eine wirklich schöne Wanderung, kannte ich noch nicht. TFTC!

Gevonden 07. oktober 2010 xro heeft de cache gevonden

Als wir ein paar Stunden zuvor noch, uns mittene bei einem Bacherl-Cache erwischt hat und wir ihm erzählten wir wollten heute noch die Andritzer Plattenrunde machen, hat er uns ein wenig ungläubig angeschaut. Immerhin es war schon eindeutig Nachmittag und das Wetter verhieß Regen. Aber, war wir uns vorgenommen haben, wird auch durchgezogen. Ein paar Caches später also es endlich zur Q1 geschafft. Spätestens zw. Q2 und Q3 hatte uns dann wirklich und endgültig der Platzregen und Sturm eingeholt, doch dafür war ich ja ausgerüstet: Regenhose und Regenjacke. So ging's am Mountainbike auf Wald- und Forstwegen rauf bis zur Platte. Runter war's dann vergleichsweise schon fast gemütlich  ;-) Nur am Weg vom komischen Objekt zum Final hat es Pelzwechsler kurz aber voll über eine Wurzel aufgestellt. Da hat man wieder gesehen, Training hilft offensichtlich, denn: keine einzige Schramme.
Danke für diese tolle Erlebnisrunde, nach welcher wir uns das Abendessen redlich verdient hatten :-)

P.S.: Nach dem Regen betrug der Wasserstand in der Dose sicher 2mm. Dose hatte aber keine offensichtlichen mechanischen Fehler. Sind die Teile doch weniger dicht als gedacht ?

Gevonden 19. april 2009 stinknormal heeft de cache gevonden

Waren heute bei anfangs gutem Wetter auf der Suche nach dem Chache! Sehr schöne Runde, die wir mit dem Rad erledigt haben! Einziger Wehrmutstropfen, eine verlorene Jacke... Allerdings wiedergefunden, nach rückwärtigem Aufstieg zum Cache...

Quasi gleich 2 Funderlebnisse an einem Tag!

Eine wirklich schöne Runde, die wir ohne diesen Cache wahrscheinlich nie gemacht hätten!


Gevonden Aanbevolen 08. december 2008 ferret out heeft de cache gevonden

Wurde bei strahlendem Sonnenschein mit einer herrlichen Aussicht belohnt. Dank der exakten Beschreibung ganz ohne Umwege gefunden.