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Beschreibung    Deutsch  ·  English

Many people start writing a biography sometime. Some earlier, some later - but if you start too late, you might forget something important - and that's why I start with keeping some places in mind, which were important in my life. - And you  can follow me to those places.
There are always only those coordinates given, which lead to the current cache location. The cache is currently located at station 4.

Station 1 - How it began...

On a really beautiful Monday of 1981 I was born - exactly in this hospital here. I also lived in one of these houses for my first year of life, but I do not know anymore, which one it was.

Station 2 - Childhood days

For the next years I lived quite exactly at this place here. I really loved it - and after I had to leave in the year of the German reunification - only one day before the Fall of the Wall - I never stopped feeling homesick and whished to return to this place one nice day. Whenever I come here, I'm looking through the window of our old house, if there are still people living in it.

Station 3 - The serious side of life

One day that comes for everybody is the day of school enrolment - mine was in the year 1987 at this place. This school had a different name these days, but elsewise didn't change a lot. There's a beautiful school garden here and a less beautiful schoolyard of which I still have some tarmac in my knee, since I had discovered the fun of skipping right in the beginning of my school life.


Station 4 - A new world

When I was about 7 years old, political and family reasons made us move to a new domicile - and this was it (a house near the main street). Acceptance was quite small and right after the first day at school, I new that I wouldn't stay here forever. But I had to go two stations by metro now to get to my school - wow! What a really weired feeling using it the first time! Still I didn't really like to live here.

EFU 4 

Station 5 - Some idylle

Two years later it became to much for my parents, too - but especially our home had become to small - in the meantime we had become four. That's why we moved to this little, quite secluded place. Here it was already much nicer - but home sickness remained strong.

Station 6 - Achieving educational goals

For nine years I hit the books here, until - right in time in the year of the milenium - I graduated from school. It was not the best time of my life, but at least successful - and in any case full of memories.

Station 7 - Back again...

Now I could finally do what was planned for a long time - go home, truely - and that's what I did and here is were I landed. Nostalgic-home-elation at a wonderful place - nearly exactly at the lake. That really felt great and gave me energy for everything that came afterwards - although I again stayed only for some years.

Station 8 - You live and learn

Now it was time to find a new goal - so I matriculated at this university here, where I'm still working on the achievement of this next goal. - To bring my teacher studys to a close, really a school of life.

Station 9 - Hard to say farewell

Sometimes inner and outer changes force you to leave, where you would actually like to stay - and so I left my home town one more time - but this time it was not that far away and I felt better than before. - And so I lived at this historical place, which barely tells anything about it's past nowadays. - What I really liked here, where the squirrels which can be watched in the morning out of the window.

Station 10 - City life

To this, not less historical place I moved, when I didn't want to live alone anymore. The surroundings are not at all as beautiful as on the place before - but as we all know, you cannot have everything. Living together didn't work out very well either, but still the rent is affordable. I will definitely not stay here for the rest of my life, but for the next time I will have to stick to it. Who knows, where I'll land next.

Station 11 - Friends...

... are something incredibly valuable. At this place here are living two really special people - and therfore that's a place where I like spending my time again and again. - Recreation from the city. It's always kind of a cultural shock when returning there.

Station 12 - You should stay...

where you feel good, but if that's not possible - then at least go there now and then. That's why, whenever time and money make it possible, I'm spending my time at this place here, because here's someone living who's really, really important for me. - And the forests are almost more beautiful than at home.


To be continued...

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Leider konnte der geplante Umzug zur nächsten Station nicht wie geplant stattfinden, denn... die Dose war nicht mehr da. Spurlos verschwunden... Na, das passt in die Biografie, genau so ein holpriger Start wie bei mir damals...

Jedenfalls... muss ich nun erstmal eine neue so kleine Dose inclusive Inhalt besorgen, bevor die neue Station platziert werden kann. Da ich mich selbst gerade umzugstechnisch umplatziert habe und noch einiges zu tun ist, wird es leider ein Weilchen dauern. Ich bitte um Geduld.

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Glücklich schaue ich der Station 10 entgegen... dann gibt es wohl eine riesengroße Chance zum Loggen! :-)

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