Altes Schwetzingen

 This multi takes you on a tour to some of the most interesting sites of Schwetzingens history.

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N 49° 23.063' E 008° 34.330' (WGS84)

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This multi takes you on a tour to some of the most interesting sites of Schwetzingens history. It can be done within one hour. 673c6dc2-d917-43d7-a6aa-a8fe7f6a5fa8.jpg

Schwetzingen is famous for its castle, its extensive gardens and for asparagus, which was grown in the castle garden for the first time in year 1658.
Today the town counts 22.000 inhabitants.

The starting point is on Schlossplatz, the towns central place in front of the castle.You may park your car free of charge just 500 meters away at N 49°22.798 / E 8°34.514.


1. Spargelfrau (Asparagus Woman) (49°23.063 / 8°34.330)

This hardworking market-woman always sells here Schwetzingens famous asparagus. In spring, the asparagus is shipped to gourmets all across the world, for example to the Swedish queen Sylvia, who was born and lived in Heidelberg until her marriage. Nearby stands a house, built 1748, named after an animal. Count the tips of the animals antlers (number = a).

Cross Schlossstraße in direction NW into Zeyherstraße. Watch the signs!

2. Speyerer Tor (Speyer Gate) (N 49°23.098 E 8°34.177)

Along the way you pass some interesting spots:

- A statue erected in 1b51 shows the saint Nepomuk. He was drowned in river Vltava at the behest of Wenceslaus, King of the Romans and King of Bohemia. Later accounts state that he was the confessor of the queen of Bohemia and refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional. On the basis of this account, John of Nepomuk is considered the first martyr of the Seal of the Confessional, a patron against calumnies and, because of the manner of his death, a protector from floods.

- The Obere Wasserwerk (Upper waterworks) have been constructed in mid 18th century in order to support the trick fountains of the castle's garden. We count c mill wheels.

- If you are already hungry or thirsty we have a recommendation for you in this alley.

At former Speyerer Tor (a sign indicates where it stood) there is a building, that today houses the local court (Amtsgericht). Long time ago, the famous writer and poet Johann Peter Hebel died here on 22.d.1826.

Now follow the road to towns oldest church.

3. St. Pankratius (N 49°23.124 / E 8°34.284)


The place in front of the church tells us some information.

- Some people here look brilliant. Count arms and legs (e).

- As you approach the church you see a door. Count the circles (f) (You don't have to enter the church).

- Some goose spy water. Count all necks (g).

When this is done, enter Dreikönigsstraße up to the point where an alley crosses from the left.

4. Rotes Haus (Red House)

An extremely famous man has stayed here in summer of year 17h3.

Turn left into Invalidengasse.

5. Alter Friedhof (Old Graveyard) (49°23.225 / 8°34.157)

Until 1870 the towns graveyard was situated here. Then it was moved. Only one grave, namely the one of Johann Peter Hebel can still be found here.

e99f87c8-4dcd-4cfe-b431-1d077212fe10.jpg A sign tells us when the tomb has been erected (checksum = i). (hint: more than 2 decades after his death)

Furthermore, this place holds some information about Schwetzingens "twin towns". Count the letters of the twin towns from Hungary, France and Italy (sum=j).

Now you have everything to calculate the Pre-Final.

x = (h*i) + a + d + g + j

y = b + (e/2) + f - c

6. Pre-Final (49°23.x / 8°34.0y)

Add the checksum of the first year mentioned to the North coordinates of the Prefinal. Subtract the final word (it is number) of the first line from the east coordinates. This tells you the final coordinates..

7. Final

It is a small box, suitable for TBs and trade of small items. Please watch out for muggles.


Hope you had fun. If you have comments in order to improve this description or the cache itself, your mail will be appreciated!
Back to Schlossplatz it takes a few minutes only.

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gefunden 05. Februar 2017, 15:49 thorig hat den Geocache gefunden

Die schöne Runde sind wir heute angegangen. Teil 2 kommt bestimmt demnächst noch dran...
TFTC, Thomas
15:49 #47

gefunden 03. Januar 2017 Katja104 hat den Geocache gefunden

Nach unserem Schlossgartenbesuch haben wir auch noch ein wenig die Stadt erkundet. Diesem Cache folgend haben wir ein paar schöne Stellen gesehen, die wir ohne die Dose zu suchen vermutlich nicht bemerkt hätten. Das Versteck ließ sich zum Schluss gut finden. DFDC

gefunden 27. Februar 2016, 15:56 bansp hat den Geocache gefunden

Thank you, eM and eS, for this very nice and very instructive tour.

I gathered the data a week ago but had a problem with the test sum. Tried to go around the test sum issue by assuming this and that, and preparing for a bit of extra searching, matching and re-calculating. However, as I realised only earlier today, I had also misinterpreted one of the hints for the pre-Final, which resulted in me standing in front of it and dismissing it for not meeting the (misintepreted) conditions... :-)

Contacted the Owners in the meantime and realised that the test sum mismatch was actually sort of correct, simply because times change and some variables have to catch up with the changing factors... ;-) And so I stood at the pre-Final again today and realised what I had misunderstood previously. From there, getting to the cache was a snap. (However, putting the cache back took me nearly 15 minutes of cruising around and waiting for the area to clear up... :-) )

IN: a rather sweet elephantine creature lifted a week ago from one of the Wichteln...
OUT: a dwarven haircutter (or close to that)

gefunden 29. Mai 2014, 15:36 Thalassia hat den Geocache gefunden

Technik die Begeistert... Nachdem alle Stationen angelaufen wurden und sämtliche Informationen notiert waren sollte es nun weiter gehen. Die Technik wollte aber nicht wie wir und ließ uns erst einmal dumm da stehen.

Noch mal überlegen was falsch sein könnte ... und doch wieder aufs gleiche Ergebniss gekommen.

Als Überbrückung wurde dann noch schnell ein anderer Cache erledigt. Danach also zurück zum Alten Schwetzingen. Koordinaten erneut eingegeben und zack die Technik brachte uns zum gewünschten Ziel!

Das Final hätte ich mir an einer schöneren Stelle gewünscht aber ansonsten war alles schick.

Danke für die vielen Informationen zur Stadt und für diesen Cache

P.s. Danke auch für die schnelle Rückmeldung aus der FerneCool

gefunden 29. Mai 2014, 15:36 eisbaer57 hat den Geocache gefunden

Dieser Cache konnte heute mit Thalassia und Technikausfall nur mit Hindernissen geloggt werden. Wir dachten wir hatten irgendwo falsch gerechnt und deshalb alles zweimal abgelaufen. Dann plötzlich funktionierte alles wieder und wir konnten nach dem Stadtrundgang loggen. DfdC und Grüsse aus Hessen.