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Traditional Geocache
Verano Paese

 Mikrocache im Dorf - Microcache in paese- Microcache in town

by KingfisherTeam     Italy > Provincia Autonoma Bolzano/Bozen [3] > Bolzano-Bozen

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 46° 36.282' E 011° 13.552' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Archived
 Hidden on: 30 September 2007
 Listed since: 23 February 2009
 Last update: 29 June 2010
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC799F
Also listed at: geocaching.com 

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Description    Deutsch (German)


Dieser Cache hat die Groesse einer Kreditkarte. Suche genau, und Du wirst fuendig...


La cache ha le dimensioni di una carta di credito. Cerchi bene, e riesci a trovarlo...


The cache has the dimension from a credit card. Seek well, and you will find it.


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Log entries for Verano Paese    Found 3x Not found 0x Note 0x

Found 08 August 2008 MonsterS4R found the geocache

Im Rahmen unserer heutigen Radtour problemlos gefunden.
Ist dan nun ein 1-Sterne-Cache oder hatten wir einfach Glück[?][?][?]

Danke für den schönen Cache und Gruß aus dem Siegerland,

Sylvia & Roger

Found 21 May 2008 Geo-Hanslik found the geocache

Tolles Versteck. Schnell gefunden und geloggt. TFTC

Gruß Geo-Hanslik

Found 30 September 2007 rottonara found the geocache

Quando sono arrivato sul posto Xara aveva giá la scatoleta tra le mani. Incredibilmente veloce. Ma come avrá fatto a essere così veloce?
Eravamo in compagnia di Paolo e Cecilia Team... tutti rimasti a bocca aperta