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Traditional Geocache
Drumul spre refugiul Diana

 A small Box, hidden on the way to refuge Diana.

by Eberolf     Romania > Centru > Braşov

N 45° 33.781' E 025° 14.573' (WGS84)

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 Size: small
Status: Available
 Hidden on: 28 August 2008
 Listed since: 12 March 2009
 Last update: 13 June 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC7B3C
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Description    Deutsch (German)

Ascuns într-un perete de stânca pe cale de refugiu Diana.
La o înaltime de 3 metri de la poteca intr-o groapa sub doua pietre.

Hidden in a rock wall on the way to the refuge Diana.
At a height of 3 meters from the path to a deepening under two stones.

Versteckt in einer Felswand am Weg zur Schutzhütte Diana.
In einer Höhe von 3 Metern vom Weg in einer Vertiefung unter zwei Steinen.

    Prefix Lookup Name Coordinate
  DW WATER Drinking water source (Reference Point) N 45° 34.174 E 025° 15.057
Note: Surs? a apei potabile
Drinking water source
  PA START Parking here - start hiking (Parking Area) N 45° 34.674 E 025° 16.048
Note: Recomandat punct de pornire
Recommended starting point
Empfohlener Startpunkt




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