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Further From Civilization

 The most remote point of the Totes Gebirge

von salzkammergut     Österreich > Oberösterreich > Steyr-Kirchdorf

N 47° 39.217' E 014° 03.900' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 11. April 2009
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A Hiking-/Skitouringcache to the most remote summit of the Tote Gebirge for all who want even more solitude than Far From Civilization can offer.

Blick vom Brandleck auf Hebenkas

With an area of over 1000km² the Tote Gebirge ist the largest limestone plateau of the Eastern Alps. A hike away from marked tracks will leave you with lasting impressions and almost guarantees absolute solitude. The Hebenkas 2287m is technically easy but is the most remote mountain of the range and has only very few visitors every year. It is very likely that you will not meet anybody all day once you leave the marked track and you will be even Further From Civilization.

The Skitouring guide (Totes Gebirge) of the Austrian Alpine Club lists the following times:

Prielhut 7h
Pühringerhut 5 1/2h-6 1/2h
Tauplitzalm 5 - 6h
Via Wassertal 6h
As these times are for good snow without a track, faster times are possible. When there is a good snow crust (in spring) fit ski tourers can easily reach the summit in under 4 hours from the Tauplitzalm.


The summer guide of the Austrian Alpine club writes:

Prielhut 1/2h
Baumschlagereith via Turmtal 5h
Tauplitzalm (via Kraxenberg) 6h


A bivouac at the summit (no water!) is particularly recommended to enjoy the view and the sunrise.

The cache:

Is right at the summit at the foot of the trig-point under some stones.
Please hide it well so that it is not found accidentally!

In winter/spring the cache can be combined with Far From Civilization.

  • This is an alpine cache. It should only be attempted by experienced, well equipped mountaineers when conditions are good and stable. Large parts of the route are not marked. Even when using a GPS, a "feel" for the right route is essential, as many areas with dwarf-pines, small rock-faces and sink-holes need to be navigated. It is recommended to activate track-logging to be able to backtrack in case of problems.
  • Watch for sinkholes - don't traverse depressions.


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