Oldway Mansion - Torbay Landmarks No.1

 A grand house and gardens

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Attentie! Deze cache is "Gearchiveerd"! Er bevind zich geen behuizing op de aangegeven (of uitgerekende) coördinaten. Het is dan ook raadzaam om deze cache niet te gaan zoeken!

N 50° 26.593' W 003° 34.057' (WGS84)

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 Grootte: micro
Status: Gearchiveerd
 Benodigde tijd: 0:30 h   Lengte: 1.0 km
 Verborgen op: 07. mei 2007
 Listed since: 04. juli 2009
 Laatste verandering: 17. augustus 2009
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Beschrijving    English (Engels)

Oldway Mansion was built in 1874 by Isaac Merritt Singer (of sewing machine fame) supposedly modelled on the Palace of Versailles. It is now used by the Torbay Council for a variety of purposes. To learn more about the building checkout http://www.torquay.com/New_Torquay/local/Oldway_Mansion.htm
- this page does have one error in that it says there are 60 free parking spaces at Oldway - there isn't! - Use the suggested parking and walk up the side drive to the mansion.

The listing coordinates are for the first stage of the cache.
This Multi-cache should give you a short tour of the grounds leading to a final cache, a soda bottle preform (see image), in a quiet corner of the grounds.
On leaving the parking location, start counting squirrels seen.
  • Stage 1 - N50 26.593 W003 34.057 - When was the building adapted to its present form?  ABCD

  • Stage 2 - N50 26.566 W003 34.053 -  What is the Maximum Penalty for Skateboarding,etc. according to this sign?  E00

  • Stage 3 - N50 26.505 W003 34.023 - How many props are being used in the grotto?  F

  • Stage 4 - N50 26.555 W003 34.029 - How many sides to the metal base of this object? G

  • Final cache is at N 50 26.E (G-E) F  W 003 33.B (F-D) (G-A)
Why count the squirrels? ... If anyone asks what you're doing, you can say you are conducting a squirrel census. :-)
Please give the number when you log your find (or DNF) on GC.com.

Please note that the cache is now on the other side of the tree to the position indicated on the spoiler pic.

GAGB Cache Tag Image

Additional Waypoints

HIDDEN: FL12QCJ - Final Location
N/S __ ° __ . ___ W/E ___ ° __ . ___

PA12QCJ - Suggested parking
N 50° 26.644 W 003° 34.045

S212QCJ - Stage2
N 50° 26.566 W 003° 34.053

S312QCJ - Stage 3
N 50° 26.505 W 003° 34.023

S412QCJ - Stage 4
N 50° 26.555 W 003° 34.029

Gecodeerde hint   Decoderen

jrqtrq va n perivpr va gur onex nobhg gjb srrg hc



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