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The geocache description is outdated.

Lost Beauty - Wahre Schönheiten Wiens

 A pretty longer hiking/biking-cache, which offers great sights

por Lunedi     Austria > Wien > Wien

This geocache description may be outdated. See the log entries for more information.

N 48° 15.196' E 016° 18.082' (WGS84)

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 Tamaño: normal
Estado: disponible
 Tiempo requerido: 4:00 h   Distancia del camino: 11 km
 Ocultos en: 16. mayo 2010
 Publicado desde: 16. mayo 2010
 Última actualización: 28. junio 2010
 Listado: https://opencaching.de/OCA580
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Difficulty: **, Terrain: ***
Time Requirement: hiking 3 – 4 hours (ca. 7 miles), biking ca. 1.5 hours
Size: normal
Status: available
Hidden on: April 20th, 2010
Public transport:
Start: a few hundred meters from bus number 35A
Cache: about 1000 meters from the last stop of bus number 38

General description:
The route has some gradients, therefore the 3 stars for the terrain, partially paved. The average distances between the stages are about 1 mile. Car drivers please note, that not all the stages are accessible, but within short walking distances. Parents who are keen on sports can also push a buggy, for racing road bikes the terrain on some stages might be too rough.
All stages except stage 2(summer: to 8 p.m., winter: to 5 p.m.) are open to the public around the clock.
The cache itself is within a fenced area, which is open to the public.
Special hint for lovers: Stage 4 is most lovely and romantic after the sunset.

Please note that some locations of the tour are places of devotion!

The task on the stages is to find out the missing figures (red letters), which are part of the coordinates belonging to the next stage until you reach the cache location.

Stage 1 – The start of our journey: “With Mary in the wine–where the musician met his love” N 48° 15.196´, E 016° 18.082´

You’re on a very nice place, but a few meters in the west, there is a nasty animal, the best “friend” of the vintages.
How many feet do this animal have? = A

Look at the grapes in front of Mary, how many bunches do you see? = B

Now we are heading east - passing an educational trail on the wine of Vienna.

Stage 2: “The number one hit”
N 48° 14.9A9´, E 016° 19.B05´

My zither playing about “Harry” let the motion picture set in a post WWII Vienna become famous.
The composition was number one in the USA for 11weeks. I was the first US-Chart breaker born in Austria.

On which day of July I was born? = C

On which day of May my Katharina came into this world? = D

Stage 3: “Kara Mustafa’s ammunition dump”
N 48° 14.8DC´, E 016° 1D.C50´

Here you can find some hard balls of the Ottomans prepared to get fired into Vienna’s fortress.
But they had to flee and forgot their balls and, of course, their coffee beans too.
Look at the number of the ancient house.

The sum of the digits = E

The three-digit year on the memorial stone – 16 = F

Stage 4: “Named after a famous beauty – near by a place called Heaven”
N 48° 15.576´ , E 016° E.F´

Now you’ll have to muscle your first hill. Some navigation systems suggest a very steeply ascending shady road
(Gspöttgraben), but it’s recommended to take a much more convenient and interesting way named after the French word for a beautiful view, which you can enjoy on your way up.
When you reach the romantic place, take place in front of the building and look upward.
There are some Christian symbols rising up to the sky.

How many of them are rising in the sky? = G

Which birthday of the building was celebrated in the year 2008? = H

Quick side trip:
On your way to Stage 5 you will pass a strange place called Lebensbaumkreis where
each individual can find his/her personal tree with some information about it.

Later on the way you’ll find the municipal vineyard (red crest with white cross on it-good place for a little rest!), where they offer a variety of outstanding wines. (try the Weißburgunder, its good value!)

Stage 5: “The haunted castle”
N 48° 16.0G6´, E 016° 19.H´

Wow, here is a terrace with a great view of the city but without a castle. Nearby you can find a picture of the lost building and some information about its history. Was it bewitched by the alchemical trials of Mr. von Reichenbach? Who knows what happened?

Now look at the terrace! Some iron guardians are there to keep of vehicles from it.
How many guardians can you find? = I

How many letters can you count in the surname of the builder of the castle (the name giver!)? = J

Finally you need the sum of the digits of the year of construction = K

The next stage is a little bit further away but worth any single step to go.

Stage 6: “Preparing for the battle”
N 48° 16.IJ2’, E 016° K.201’

First off all, …..enjoy the view, second….look around you. You can see a tablet with the inscription created by a great admirer of this place, a famous Viennese dramatist and writer with the first name “Franz”.

Count the letters of his full name = L

Now turn around and look at me. I’m dedicated to St. Joseph and I’m here to remind all Viennese of these glory days in the past. The united European forces under the command of Jan Sobiesky III and Leopold I
concentrated here to support the struggling defenders of the city against the ottomans.

300 years later a highest-level visitor named Johannes-Paul came from the Vatican to celebrate the
Polish - Austrian friendship again.

Now tell me the number of the month, when the allied troops came together here = M

Stage 7: “The most beautiful girl”
N 48° L.423’, E 016° 1M.M6M’

Navigating correctly you’ll arrive in a really lost place with a very special aura and a very special silence.
Look out for a grave bearing my mortal remains. I was known as the most beautiful girl who lived in the time of the Viennese Congress. All the guys of the city were fond of me.

Look at my first name: the last letter shows you the cardinal direction!
Take twice the letters of my full name. You’ll have to go about so many steps to the cache.
Arriving in the darkness you might try a torch. Maybe you’ll be answered.
Before getting desperate, take a look of the encrypted hint below.

Please hide the cache again carefully!
Good luck!

The Cache is a 500ml-plastic container.
Content when hidden:
- Cache log with pencil and sharpener(please don’t remove)
- Hand warmer
- Pill Alert
- 9-second watch
- black magic ball
- armed key fob
- coloured pencil collection
- erogenous ball pen

Ayuda adicional   Descripción

AJ-pbeare bs gur znhfbyrhz



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encuentran 27. febrero 2017 Lefar48 ha encontrado el geocache

Diesen Multi habe ich am 20.2.2017 absolviert und die Dose gefunden. Als ich online loggen wollte, habe ich erst gesehen, dass ich nur die geocaching.com-Version gefunden hatte und dass es bei OC ein etwas anderes Finale gibt.

Da ich heute wieder in dieser Gegend wandernd unterwegs war, habe ich jetzt auch das OC-Finale besucht. Allerdings fand ich dort - freiliegend - nur einen weissen Micro mit zwei Logs vom 1.1.2017. Wo sind hier die Onlinelogs dazu? Ich habe den Micro genau dort gelassen, wo ich ihn vorfand, allerdings verdeckt.


Nota The geocache description is outdated. 30. septiembre 2016 dogesu han escrito una nota

an Station 5 fehlt derzeit das Schild, ihr kommt über http://members.aon.at/godot/Cobenzlakt.html  weiter

encuentran 19. enero 2014 bubbles ha encontrado el geocache

Dieser - dann doch nicht so sonnige wie angekündigt, aber annehmbar 'laue' - Wintertag bescherte uns eine wunderschöne Wanderung im Grünen. Das allermeiste auf der Strecke kannten wir - da heimische Gegend - zwar schon bestens, aber einige Aha-Momente (z.B. ein Treueschwur zu Beginn und die Kugeln an der türkischen Stage) waren dann doch für uns dabei. Genau an letzterer waren die Koords übrigens recht ungenau - man wende sich an dieser Stelle einfach in die Gegenrichtung, dann sollte es klappen. Und weil die Sonne immer noch am Himmel stand, als wir fertig waren, wanderten wir dann vom Final auch noch zu Fuß nach Hause. Da freute sich abends dann der Schrittzähler. Immer wieder schön, sich in ein noch so frisches Logbuch in einem sauberen Doserl eintragen zu können. DANKE!

encuentran 07. julio 2013, 16:30 delete_264725 ha encontrado el geocache

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encuentran 10. junio 2013 Eagle_ ha encontrado el geocache

Die Sites haben ihre Beauty zum Glück nicht verloren.

Die Stages sind an besuchenswerten Orten, und auch sonst gibt es zwischendurch viel zu bestaunen.

Danke für die schöne Rallye durch den westlichen Teil von Wien.