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Traditional Geocache
Theologos View

 A Micro on the Hills over Theologos. --------------------------------------------------------

by CColli     Greece

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 40° 39.727' E 024° 41.262' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Archived
 Hidden on: 29 March 2011
 Listed since: 09 April 2011
 Last update: 03 June 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCC1DD
Also listed at: geocaching.com 

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Description    Deutsch (German)

You should waer good shoes because there could be snakes. The Micro is in the rocks. Behind the hiding stone we arranged a little heap of stones to ease the search.

A note on cache maintenance: Relatives living nearby with the account "wcolli" will assist with any needed cache maintenance


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Note 03 June 2012 mic@ wrote a note

Bitte bei Statusänderungen, die bei geocaching.com durchgeführt werden, auch immer hier den Status ändern. Analog zu GC setze ich den Status für diesen Cache jetzt auch auf "Archiviert".

mic@ (OC-Admin)