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Geocache Tradicional
Sicilia: Prizzi

por Trollmond     Italia > Sicilia

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N 37° 43.304' E 013° 26.271' (WGS84)

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Estado: archivado
 Ocultos en: 25. abril 2011
 Publicado desde: 29. abril 2011
 Última actualización: 20. julio 2013
 Listado: https://opencaching.de/OCC453
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Prizzi is a town of 5700 inhabitants, located 90 km south of the city of Palermo at an altitude of 696 m above sea level on a hill in the upper valley of the River Sosio.

Traces have been found of a small Elymian settlement, called Hippana or Hyppana, dating from the 8th-6th centuries BC on the nearby Montagna dei Cavalli. This settlement was later rebuilt in the 4th century BC and inhabited by Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs. The name Prizzi derives from the Greek Pyrizo, meaning "incendiary" as in the context of sending smoke signals, referring to its origin as an important point for fighting off enemy invaders in Sicily. The present town, of Norman origin, was a fief of Guglielmo Bonello. In 1150, it passed to the Cistercian Monastery of Sant’Angelo. Between the 13th and 15th centuries, control of the town was disputed by various lords until it finally fell to the Bonanno family, whose fief it was until 1812.
Prizzi is famous for the unique „Ballu dei Diavuli“, the „Dance of the Devils“, which is a part of the „Settimana Santa“. Beside the traditional processions, devils with red masks and the yellow clothed Death dance through the streets on Easter sunday and will finally be defeated by Jesus ans Maria. This can be seen as a symbol of the eternal conflict between the good and the evil. (Sources: Wikipedia and travel guides)

The cache container is a waterproof plastic-box hidden in the wall below the street, about 5m to the right of a figue tree (facing the wall).

Have fun exploring Prizzi,


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