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Celtic Night - The Sidhe (Night Cache)

por DcCow     Alemania > Rheinland-Pfalz > Kaiserslautern, Kreisfreie Stadt

¡Atención! Este geocache es "archivado"! No es un contenedor físico a las coordenadas especificadas (o los que tienen que determinar). ¡El interés del lugar no es necesariamente la búsqueda!

N 49° 27.493' E 007° 48.507' (WGS84)

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 Tamaño: normal
Estado: archivado
 Tiempo requerido: 1:00 h   Distancia del camino: 1.0 km
 Ocultos en: 06. noviembre 2011
 Publicado desde: 28. noviembre 2011
 Última actualización: 02. marzo 2014
 Listado: https://opencaching.de/OCD7D0
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The cache is not located at the above coordinates. To find this cache, you must first find Celtic Night - Gräber der Kelten (Night Cache)
'For all the hillside was haunted
By the faery folk come again
And down in the heart-light enchanted
Were opal-coloured men'
- (The Dream of Children, George William Russel)
The Sidhe

The Sidhe (Shee) or Aos Sí (Irish meaning the People of the Mounds), are magical supernatural creatures from early Celtic folklore of Irish origin. They are considered to be a distinct race, quite separate from human beings yet who have had much contact with them over the centuries. They are noted to move quickly through the air and change their shape at will. They have been described as tall, stunning beauty, with a noble appearance and silvery sweet speech, though they can also be terrible and hideous. Some have described them as transparent beings that walk without making a sound or leaving tracks.

In Gaelic folk belief, the aos sí are often appeased with offerings, and care is taken to avoid angering or insulting them. Often they are not named directly, but rather spoken of as 'The Good Neighbors', 'The Fairy Folk', or simply 'The Folk'.

The Sidhe are generally benign until angered by some foolish action of a mortal. Many trees and mounds are considered under their protection and if a mortal destroys or damages these then a curse is put upon himself and his family.

WARNING: It is not known for sure if the Sidhe reside in this area, but there have been stories told of happenings in these hills and among the mounds. This Cache Owner takes no responsibility if you do happen to run into one of these mythical creatures. It is said that the Sidhe are attracted to those who are beautiful as well as wealthy. It is therefore advisable, that any who fit that description should not attempt this cache!! ;)


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OC-Team archivado 02. marzo 2014 mic@ has archived the cache

Bitte bei Statusänderungen, die bei geocaching.com durchgeführt werden, auch immer hier den Status ändern.
Dieser Cache ist auf geocaching.com archiviert und hier nicht mit dem Attribut "OC only" versehen. Das letzte Funddatum liegt lange zurück und das Ownerlog auf geocaching.com läßt darauf schließen, dass der Cache nicht mehr existiert. Aus diesem Grunde archiviere ich ihn auch hier. Sollten sich später neue Aspekte ergeben, so kann dieses Listing durch den Owner selbstständig über ein "kann gesucht werden"-Log reaktiviert werden.
Bei Unklarheiten oder Fragen kannst du gerne mich oder das Team kontaktieren.

mic@ (OC-Support)

encuentran 17. noviembre 2011 Die Batzen ha encontrado el geocache


Lange Jahre haben wir uns selten die Zeit genommen, gefundene Dosen auch auf OC zu loggen - das holen wir jetzt sukzessive nach.

gefunden am 17.11.11

Dazed and confused by the Sidhe, we found the "Celtic Night"-Caches in reverse order together with Mr. 1/2manns and CaptainJZ, but never mind - we had fun anyway.
Thanks for "reanimating" this location!