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A Survivor Is Born - Alle Jahre wieder!

 This cache was placed during our 13th annual Tomb Raider Meeting. Listing coordinates are our meeting house.

by FelisCatus     Germany > Niedersachsen > Osterode am Harz

N 51° 48.400' E 010° 14.850' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Available
 Hidden on: 01 July 2012
 Listed since: 08 July 2012
 Last update: 16 June 2017
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCE720
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To find this cache you have to answer the following questions:

A = In the first level of the very first Tomb Raider game Lara meets how many bats ? These are the first "enemies" Lara has to get rid of. Only count the ones that she meets before she has to climb up walls!
B = Where - name of the city - does the intro video at the beginning of the first Tomb Raider game take place? (Letter value of the first letter of the second word!)
C = How many games featuring Lara Croft have been released until 2012? Only count those games that were released for PC - including remakes. But: Don't count games for Gameboy, mobile phones or other platforms!
D = The newest game with the title "Tomb Raider" was released on March 5th, 2013. Young Lara Croft is cast away on an lonely island in the Pacific ocean. How old is Lara in this game? (Cross total!)
E = How many years have passed between this game and the very fist game with the same name? (Cross total!)
F = What is the name of the first crew member of the Endurance that Lara finds out has been killed by the Scavengers? (Number of letters!) The name was cut from the final version of the game but the character is still playable in the multi player mode.

The cache is NOT hidden at North 51° 48.(A+B)(B)(C-A), East 10° 14.(E)(2*D)(F-B), which is the OLD coordinate, wich can still be used to verify your values using the geochecker - Warning: The checker automatically uses "W", but you are looking in the "E"!

INSTEAD you add 15 to the east coordinates! So the cache is hidden at 51° 48.(A+B)(B)(C-A), Ost 10° 14.(E)(2*D+1)(F-B+15)!

The Tomb Raider Meeting takes place every summer, since 2010 here in the fine town of Bad Grund in the Harz. A weekend full of fun and gaming, geocaching and parties! The meeting house is located at the listing coordinates. The cache itself is very near. Please be careful and don't get caught when finding the final!

Over the past few years some of the attending Tomb Raiders have started to go on caching tours in the neighbourhood of Bad Grund. By doing so we were able to convert one or two "muggles". ;-)

On these tours you can most certainly meet the "authors" of this cache: tombraidergirl, Hochgiftig, Schneckensocke, Maulwurf_DE and FelisCatus. Greetings to MiMaGeAn, who maintains this cache and has placed another fine Tomb Raider themed box called "Lara Croft im Südharz"!

More information on the Tomb Raider meeting can be found on the Meeting Web Page (only available in German, sorry)!


This geocache is probably placed within the following protected areas (Info): Naturpark Harz NI (Info)

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Log entries for A Survivor Is Born - Alle Jahre wieder!    Found 3x Not found 0x Note 0x

Found 09 May 2020, 00:12 Sparenberger found the geocache

Heute ging es mit Goldharry nach Bad Grund, es gab dort Wartungsarbeiten zu erledigen und ein wenig Beifang.

Dieses war die erste Dose des Tages, wir hielten kurz an und an den exakten Koordinaten, genau wie im Hint beschrieben, konnte ich mit einem Griff den Petling ergattern.

Ich wunderte mich ein wenig, dass angeblich seit 2016 keiner mehr vor Ort gewesen sein soll ... Aber jetzt beim Lesen der Logs wird mir einiges klar. Ich hatte die Originaldose gefunden. [:D]

Lieber Owner, sie ist noch da und eigentlich genau da versteckt, wo sie sein sollte und auch der Hint passt haargenau. Vielleicht schaust Du mal nach.

Vielen Dank für's Ersinnen des Rätsels und für's Legen und Pflegen der Dose.

Found 13 June 2014, 17:07 lobbo found the geocache

Hab ihn :-P
Nach dem Event mit schotti und der 1 unter "Beobachtung"  :-o gefunden. Endlich konnte ich den Outdoorteil erledigen....

DfdC und

Gruß aus Seesen

Found 19 January 2014, 23:06 Blacky75 found the geocache

Gut gefunden.

19. Januar 2014 22:06
Vielen Dank und HARZliche Grüsse
von Blacky75