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Prechádzka dobrého vojáka Svejka v Humennom

 The Good Soldier Švejk walks through Humenne

by meteor2017     Slovakia > Východné Slovensko > Prešovský kraj

N 48° 55.803' E 021° 54.002' (WGS84)

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Status: Available
 Hidden on: 15 July 2012
 Listed since: 15 July 2012
 Last update: 15 July 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCE783

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Description    English  ·  Polski

When Good Soldier Švejk was visiting Humenne, he decided to go for a small walk and sightseeing.

1. Take the photo of you (or your GPS) with Švejk. Upload it to the log.
2. Use the map near the Soldier, and find out names of object he has seen:
- A muzeum
- Chram sv. C. a B
- Stadion E

Password is: ABE (written as in oryginal)



geocache is also registered at opencaching.cz


Švejk in Humenne
Švejk in Humenne


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Found 18 August 2012 bolda found the geocache

bolda was here

I'm living 150m from a statue of Svejk :)

Pictures for this log entry:
bolda and Svejkbolda and Svejk