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Viewpoint from mountain peak

door 4spring     Griekenland

N 36° 51.224' E 027° 15.723' (WGS84)

 andere coördinaatstelsel
 Grootte: micro
Status: Beschikbaar
 Benodigde tijd: 2:00 h   Lengte: 7 km
 Verborgen op: 26. oktober 2012
 Published on: 28. november 2012
 Laatste verandering: 28. november 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCEF0E

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From here at a height of 485 meter you will have a view from the eastern part of the island up to Tigaki / Marmari.  A few meter away is a viewpoint to the sea in the south (N 36 51.100 E 27 15.950).

You may reach this place via the waypoints mentioned for the Kefala mountain cache (OCEE34). If you like a roundtrip you may use the following waypoints for your way back (these paths are shown on OSM).

Additional waypoints   andere coördinaatstelsel

Stage or reference point
N 36° 51.147'
E 027° 15.993'
#1 On your way back to Platani you may turn left at this junction.
Stage or reference point
N 36° 51.190'
E 027° 16.112'
#2 continue to this point.
Stage or reference point
N 36° 51.245'
E 027° 16.257'
#3 keep on going downhill
Stage or reference point
N 36° 51.307'
E 027° 16.276'
#4 next point on your way back
Stage or reference point
N 36° 51.362'
E 027° 16.342'
#5 keep on going / cycling downhill
Stage or reference point
N 36° 51.406'
E 027° 16.407'
#6 last junction on the dirtroad
Stage or reference point
N 36° 51.700'
E 027° 16.144'
#7 Here you reach the asphaltic car road. Following this road you will come into the town Platani (near Kos town).
Info The additional waypoints are shown on the map when the cache is selected, are included in GPX file downloads and will be sent to the GPS device.

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ng gur evtug unaq fvqr bs n fgbar ebj



View to Kos town
View to Kos town


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wie geil ist das denn....nach 4 Jahren den "FTF".....jiha......

zusammen mit "Tante Findenix" während unseres wunderschönen Urlaubs viele tolle Caches gemacht....dieser gehörte dazu.....ich sage wie immer...."DanCachSchön"......