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The big Egg - near Kharj

door TheCacheCat     Saoedi-Arabië

N 24° 01.878' E 047° 03.307' (WGS84)

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 Grootte: normaal
Status: Beschikbaar
 Verborgen op: 10. februari 2009
 Published on: 29. november 2012
 Laatste verandering: 29. november 2012
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OCF048
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The big Egg - near Kharj

be4221df-b72c-4b8b-85f7-b558e6acd151.jpg Go to this place, climb on the top of the hill and you have a wonderful bird´s-eye view of the surroundings.
Easy drive to cache leaves Riyadh on Al Kharj Road, pass Bida and continue until you come to the second traffic light in Ad Dilam. Turn right. After a mosque turn right. Turn left after the garage-petrol-station. Pass the old style houses and leave the village in direction west. Follow this road to the point N24°01.313 E047°03.520. Go the small desert track direction north.
You can see the hills.
Find the cache-hill.

Just follow your GPS into the location.
This cache is accessible by 2WD.

Please visit all my other caches!!!

Stealth required!

Happy GeoCaching


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Gur pnpur vf jryy uvqqra haqre fgbar cyngrf va n fznyy ubyr ng unys uvtu bs gur uvyy.



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