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Cache recommendations
Users that recommended Waagehäuschen by NoXx333 also recommended the following geocaches:
Quota   Name
100%   Altkreis Halle Trivial Pursuit Finale by Granny-Man
100%   Annelieses alter Ofen by Diefinder
100%   Antoniusstein by rainer*a
100%   Bielefeld 3D by EW-Andy
100%   Bollert III by Steinmann
100%   Bücklerbande I by Bücklerbande
100%   Bücklerbande II by Bücklerbande
100%   Mackeloh - Bonus by rainer*a
100%   Moenkeloh by Appletree02
100%   Rieselfelder-Senne-Cache by tina2702
100%   Schweiz by Scaramanga
100%   Silent Mountain by shapeshifter79
100%   Via Ferrata by conymahony
100%   VS01 Lippelauf by TAltemeier
100%   xxx by Steinwälzer