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Après Travail

 A short multi-cache (almost a traditional cache ) in a nice gorge in Graz.

by cezanne     Austria > Steiermark > Graz

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 47° 06.660' E 015° 28.798' (WGS84)

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 Size: small
Status: Archived
 Hidden on: 22 March 2003
 Listed since: 22 August 2005
 Last update: 10 February 2008
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC004F
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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

English description
This cache is a conventional cache with a single stage. It does not require a long hike and can be done after work in the months where it does not get dark too early. That's why I called it Après-Travail (it has nothing to do with climbing and is also not especially designed for retired people.

Recommended for the cache hunt
  • Good shoes, in particular if the ground is wet and you decide to go through the gorge.
  • A map is not necessary, but recommended if you would like to combine the cache hunt with a longer walk/hike (there exist plenty of possibilities).
  • A compass is helpful.

The Cache Hunt
Go to the coordinates N 47° 06.660, E 015° 28.798. You can reach this location from various starting points. Several of them are not only reachable by car, but also by public transportation and by bike.
Close to the starting coordinates there is a tree to which a holy picture is attached. Let us call this tree T. Hint: If you suffer from a bad GPS-reception, look for a clearing (there is one close to T).

The cache is hidden on the slope which leads down from the path near the tree T to a gorge. To reach the cache proceed as follows:
  • Start your descent at tree T and watch out for a really large tree stump. The stump is slightly to the left of tree T at a distance less than 30 m. The tree T is visible from the stump (but not the other way round). The stump was the old hiding place of the cache before it got lost.
  • From the location of the stump walk in the direction 240°. You will pass a first large tree whose root area would have offered some nice hiding possibilities (kind of holes). Continue until you will come to a second tree which meets this criterion.
  • The cache is hidden in the root area of this second tree. It is covered with camouflage material (in particular with foliage). (The tree T is also visible from the new hideout.)

The cache container is a small glass container of height 9.5 cm and with a hexagonal base with a side length of 3 cm. Please close the zip-loc bag well again and rehide the cache properly. Please take care that you are not watched when taking out the cache/putting it back.

After the Cache Hunt

Do not miss the gorge which is less-known than it would deserve. (It is hard to believe that such a location exists in a city of the size of Graz.) The gorge can be reached in various manners, one of them is to continue your descent from the cache location until you meet the path through the gorge.

Additional hint   Decrypt

[Hint 1:] Lbh jrag gbb sne vs lbh cnffrq n fznyy zbff pbirerq gerr fghzc.
[Hint 2:] Gb gur yrsg bs gur ynetre "ubyrf" va gur ebbg nern.



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Log entries for Après Travail    Found 23x Not found 0x Note 2x

Note 10 February 2008 cezanne wrote a note

[EN:] Many thanks to aj-gps for confirming my conjecture that the cache has gone lost. I decided to archive this cache as I am not any longer happy with the way it is set up and since I am not able to take care of this cache in the near future. I have some still rather vague plans in mind to hide a new cache in this area which enforces a visit of the gorge. I will, however, not be able to carry out my plans within the next weeks. So if anyone wishes to hide a cache in the area of the Rettenbachklamm, please go ahead.

Thank you to all visitors of the cache.

[DE:] Vielen Dank an aj-gps fuer die Bestaetigung meiner Vermutung, dass der Cache verlorengegangen ist. Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen den Cache zu archivieren, da ich nicht mehr mit der Art und Weise zufrieden bin, wie er aufgebaut ist und mich auch in naeherer Zukunft nicht um den Cache kuemmern kann. Ich erwaege zu einem spaeteren Zeitpunkt einen neuen Cache zu verstecken, der den Besuch der Klamm erzwingt. Ich werde jedoch in den naechsten Wochen nicht in der Lage sein diesen Plan in die Tat umzusetzen. Sollte jemand einen Cache in der Gegend um die Rettenbachklamm verstecken wollen, soll er/sie sich nicht von meinen Plaenen abhalten lassen.

Danke an alle Besucher des Caches.

Note 26 January 2008 cezanne wrote a note

[EN:] After two successive DNFs I will disable this cache. It has survived much harder winters than this one, but it might have got lost. Most probably it will, however, take some time until I will be able to check the cache. After having visited the location, I will decide whether this cache will continue to exist or will be archived.

[DE:] Nach 2 DNFs in Serie, werde ich den Cache deaktivieren.
Winter hat der Cache schon deutlich haertere ueberstanden, aber es kann sein, dass der Cache nicht mehr vor Ort ist. Wahrscheinlich wird es einige Zeit dauern bis ich es schaffe nach dem Cache zu sehen. Danach werde ich dann entscheiden, wie und ob es mit dem Cache weitergeht.

Found 25 October 2007 Rhodo Dendron found the geocache

Gleich gefunden und zügig weiter zum Sheepdalemountain...


Found 11 August 2007 rieglerp found the geocache

da der cache ungetarnt beim baum lag, wer er schnell gefunden.

tftc #198

Found 20 April 2007 Pr3ach3rman found the geocache

So stell ich mir einen Freitag vor. Nach der Arbeit im Wald rumspaziert, ganz entspannt einen Cache gesucht/gefunden/gelogt und dann Heim zum Essen :-)

Einziger Stressfaktor war dieser TB den ich eigentlich nicht mitnehmen wollte aber irgendwie passte das Ding nicht mehr in den Cache [:(!]

TFTC, Pr3ach3rman