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Am Strom

 Webcam in Warnemünde, at the

by jennergruhle     Germany > Mecklenburg-Vorpommern > Rostock, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 54° 10.677' E 012° 05.273' (WGS84)

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Status: Available
 Hidden on: 23 June 2005
 Listed since: 30 August 2005
 Last update: 18 June 2018
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC00B5
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Camera 1 (Main camera)

Please, position yourself here at the "Alter Strom" (see first picture above):
The camera takes a picture every minute (or somwtimes every other minute), the time of the picture can be seen in the picture (upper right corner).
Then you have to take a screenshot of the display for getting a picture for the log.

If you can not do it on the go and cannot find anybody who can do that for you - no problem, there is a list of the pictures taken by the camera. These are grouped by year, month and day, so all you have to do is noting day and time (local time on site, of course) and get your picture later.
If cou come here as a group of geocachers and are all on one picture, only one person has to append the picture to the log. The others should just write with whom they were here.

Camera 2 (Backup live camera) - Sorry, not available at the moment.

If the above camera is not working, there is an alternative cam (east of the "Ferienresidenz am Strom" - the camera is clearly visible). Look at the second picture above to get a hint of the area where you can be seen by this cam.
This is the link to the camera: Am Strom 72.
This could be difficult when on the move, as this camera is demanding:
  • The ability to make a screenshot and to save it as a picture
  • High data transfer rate
  • A little patience (about 1min) to wait for the establishment of the live broadcast
Sometimes this cam shows an advertising first, but this can be skipped after a few seconds.
In cases that you are unable to take a picture, it can therefore be better to have someone else at home/office for taking the screenshot. This person will be rewarded with a real live video. So you can jump around and at home it will be seen live :)

Camera 3 (Backup live camera)

Here you can reach another camera with a view to (among others - it is panning around) the same location at the "Alter Strom". It can be reached under the following link:Atlantic-Ferienwohungen.

Camera 4 (Backup live camera)

Here you can reach another camera with a view to the "Hotel am Alten Strom". It can be reached under the following link:Alter Strom von Warnemuende (please click on the link "24- Stunden- Blick auf den Alten Strom" under LIVECAM - only in the German version of the site).


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Log entries for Am Strom    Found 158x Not found 0x Note 3x Maintenance 2x

Found 19 October 2019, 18:31 Paugi found the geocache

An unserem letzten Urlaubstag machten wir einen Ausflug nach Warnemünde. 😊 Wir waren am Hafen unterwegs und verbrachten so einige Stunden mit Sightseeing und natürlich cachen...Vielen Dank fürs herführen sagen die Paugis. 🙃 Die zwei unter dem "rotem Pfeil" sind wir - etwas versteckt... 😅🤗

Pictures for this log entry:
Etway versteckt... 😉Etway versteckt... 😉

Found 07 October 2019, 21:22 DerAllstedter found the geocache

Mit Freunden hier eine Woche Urlaub gemacht und diesen Cache gesucht und gefunden danke fürs legen und pflegen schöne Grüße aus Sachsen-Anhalt.


Pictures for this log entry:
Der mit dem Handy.Der mit dem Handy.

Found 27 September 2019, 00:09 Marionettenspieler found the geocache

Heute mal hier einen Ausflug gemacht und noch vor der Hafenrundfahrt diesen Cache angegangen.


Team Marionettenspieler

Pictures for this log entry:
Team MarionettenspielerTeam Marionettenspieler

Found 26 September 2019, 17:41 Flow17 found the geocache

Da ich heute in Warnemünde war durfte ich mir hier den Webcamspaß natürlich nicht entgehen lassen  :-) Dfdc

Pictures for this log entry:

Found 05 August 2019 MA210 found the geocache

Auf unserer diesjährigen Cache Reise beschlossen wir ein paar von diesen selten gewordenen Webcamcaches zu besuchen. Die heutige Etappe sollte eigentlich von Pruchten nach Magdeburg gehen. Da dies aber weniger Zeit in Anspruch nahm als gedacht, beschlossen wir einen Abstecher nach Warnemünde.
Bei einem Cappuccino suchten uns den besten Standort raus.