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The geocache description is outdated.

Giants' Game

 A nice short forest-walk

by Captain Cook     Belgium > Prov. Liège > Arr. Verviers

This geocache description may be outdated. See the log entries for more information.

N 50° 43.213' E 006° 05.694' (WGS84)

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 Size: normal
Status: Available
 Hidden on: 12 October 2003
 Listed since: 05 October 2005
 Last update: 27 February 2006
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC01F6
Also listed at: geocaching.com 

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Once upon a time, when one-eyed giants played with their marbles in this forest, a brave geo-cacher hid one of his famous caches here.

Park your car near the frontier, e.g. at N 50° 43.293 E 006° 05.424.

Search your way to the forest.

Follow the ancient frontier 'Landgraben' (first mentioned in 1338) to a remarkable point at N 50° 43.213 E 006° 05.694.
There you will find a stone with two different letters and a cipher with the digits xyy.

Do you see the elephants sleeping in the forest?

Continue your walk to N 50° 43.212 E 006° 0y.7y3.

Next to a natural cavity you will find a girl’s name with six DIFFERENT letters carved into the stone.
Assign to the letters the numbers 1 to 6 in the order they appear.
(Example: Word GIANTS yields G=1, I=2, A=3, N=4, T=5, S=6)

The cache is hidden at N 50° 43.(A,2*K,N-R) E 006° 05.(N+A,2*T,I+K)

Additional hint   Decrypt

haqre n gerr orgjrra gjb gerrf



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Log entries for Giants' Game    Found 57x Not found 0x Note 1x

Found 01 January 2018 Gillio7 found the geocache

Gefunden bereits im letzten Jahr

Found 24 June 2017 URilomeo found the geocache

Heute habe ich einen kleinen Abstecher vom Mega in Alsdorf gemacht. Um auch einen belgischen Cache zu besuchen. Die Wahl fiel auf die Zyklopensteine. Das ist schon eine sehr interessante Konstellation, die man hier im Wald vorfindet. Die Stationen konnte ich gut finden. Und nach kurzer Suche konnte ich mich dann auch am Finale ins Logbuch eintragen. Danke für das Herlocken und für den Cache.

Note The geocache description is outdated. 04 January 2017 dogesu wrote a note

Information from the listing at the other platform: Spoiler

orgjrra gur ebbgf bs n ovt gerr


Found 19 December 2015 anyhow found the geocache

Heute stand ein erster Teil des Zyklopenstein-Multis auf dem Programm. Am Weg lag dabei auch das Spiel der Riesen.
TFTC, anyhow

Found 12 May 2015 J_682 found the geocache

Great spot. Reminds me of the Giant's Playground in Namibia. The informations between the boulders were easy to find, but I fooled myself twice by arithmetical errors in the easy formula. ::| Thanks for keeping this old-timer alive.