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N 50° 43.236' E 008° 43.420' (WGS84)

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 Verborgen op: 30. maart 2005
 Listed since: 19. oktober 2005
 Laatste verandering: 13. augustus 2006
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This Cache will show you the village I lived for the first 12 years of my childhood.
In this time, as surely today there was a lot to explore.
Take care that neither at the start- nor at the final position you have to go to private property, or climb a fence.

Start N50 43.236 E8 43.420
At this place you'll find a hidden, waterproof box with some booklets, each with 6 pictures. Take one and hide the rest well.
(You can keep your booklet)

Each picture is taken at one of the following 6 stages. Some of the pictures are small, detailed pictures, I took at maximum of 20 m around the given waypoint.
If you found one picture, please note the number on the backside of the picture on the last page of the booklet. The final position is calculated by help of this numbers.
Parken (parking) N50 43.360 E8 43.572
If you park your car here, the total way through the village will be 4-5 km.
If you won't walk so much, you'll find a second place to park near stage 'schule'

And now to the stages
Please choose your own order.

Hochwasser (high flood) N50 43.855 E8 43.580
If the river 'Lahn' has high flood, the village became an island. At this stage, often cars drove into the water, and the engine collapsed. We pushed the cars out of the water, and earned some extra money.

Schule (school) N50 43.761 E8 43.605
In my childhood this was the local school. Because my father was the main teacher of this school, and we lived in the first floor, my way to school was rather short.

Laden (store) N50 43.693 E8 43.648
Here was the local store. (I was astonished that the store is still there after so many years) If we missed something, we could buy nearly everything we need. At night, or at the weekend, it was no problem to ring for the owner.

Synagoge (Synagogue) N50 43.666 E8 43.615
At this place you find a wonderful restored Synagogue. In the past it was used by a farmer to store his cereals.
You can visit the building, asking for at the phone number that is written on a sign.

Mühle (mill) N50 43.625 E8 43.509
This mill always was very interesting. Here are many things to explore. In summer we took a bath in the river. We also explored the little island behind the mill.

Neubaugebiet (new developed area) N50 43.315 E8 43.666
During my childhood new houses where build at this hill. At this stage you are standing in front of the house of my first girl friend. I was very sad, when they left our neighbourhood and lived in this house.

Now you should have found all details.
Hope you enjoyed the little trip around 'murmeltiers heimat'

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Heute mit MWD1866 gefunden. Sehr schöner Multi-Cache! Hat uns viel Spaß gemacht! Logbuch am Final ist jetzt voll.

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Heute in Begleitung von Patanom und jotheonly gefunden.
Nachdem jo die Info's gesammelt hatte war das finden kein Problem mehr.
DFDC sagt I vom Teamregnal

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Die Wartezeit bei der Kfz Inspektion zum sammeln der nötigen Information genutzt.
Heute in Begleitung von Patanom und Teamregnal den Cache gesucht und gut gefunden.
Der AMX 30 hat dabei einen neuen Übungsplatz gefunden.
Danke für den Cache und Gruß

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Toller Cache, sehr liebevoll gestaltet. Alles gut gefunden.

Noch 3 Sets plus Muster sind derzeit am Start zu finden.

Gevonden 21. april 2009 FaGi heeft de cache gevonden


Waren eben dort und haben alle Stationen gut gefunden. Dann ein bisschen suchen am Final, dabei noch ein Rehlein aufgeschreckt. War sehr schön. Haben das Büchlein auch wieder unbenutzt zurückgelegt. Sind jetzt 6 Stück drin.

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