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Traditional Geocache

by wallace&gromit     Germany > Bayern > Schwandorf

N 49° 13.570' E 012° 10.316' (WGS84)

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 Size: normal
Status: Available
 Hidden on: 22 September 2004
 Listed since: 19 October 2005
 Last update: 16 June 2011
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC0339
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Description    Deutsch  ·  English

The cache is hidden near the castle ruin "Stockenfels" wich is situated on a hill above the river "Regen".
The "Regental" (Regen valley) is a beautiful place, so you can extend the cache hunt with a nice walk.

Park your car at N49°13.956 E012°10.594

From here follow the path to the cache at N49°13.572 E012°10.316
The path leads you directly to the ruin and from there the last few meters get a little bit more difficult.
You better wear sturdy shoes. (no climbing necessary)

After finding the cache you can visit the "Gaststätte Wittman" at N49°13.322 E012°10.473Its an inn with a nice beer garden.To reach the inn you have to cross the river with a small ferry. It´s recommended to call and ask if the ferryman is on duty.(depends on the weather and if the beer garden is open)Call from top of the hill (near the cache location) to avoid reception problems with your cell phone down in the valley.
Phone Number: +49 9436 90047
Fee for the ferry: 50 cent per ride and person

Cache contents:
1 bottle opener
1 lanyard
1 cell phone flasher (Bear)
1 cracking fish
1 SiemensVDO pin
2 balloons
1 piece of soap
2 cleanig towels for glasses (to see everything much clearer)

Log book with ball pen and pencil (please don´t remove)

Additional hint   Decrypt

orgjrra gjb ynetre ebpxf





This geocache is probably placed within the following protected areas (Info): Landschaftsschutzgebiet Landschaftsschutzgebiet Oberer Bayerischer Wald (Teil SAD); ehemals Schutzzone (Info), Naturpark Oberer Bayerischer Wald (Info)

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Log entries for Stockenfels    Found 50x Not found 1x Note 0x

Found 01 August 2020, 14:26 Aumeier MD found the geocache


Found 01 August 2020, 14:17 AumeierMacDraigh found the geocache

Super danke😊

Found 29 June 2019 Rongkong Coma found the geocache

Während meiner Regen-Wanderung bei schönstem Sonnenschein auch hier vorbeigekommen.

Found The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 07 August 2017, 14:45 Waldstreife found the geocache

Waren heute mit Michi unterwegs.
Nachdem wir den Spaziergang zur Burg gemacht hatten und die Örtlichkeit genossen, wollten wir unbedingt diesen Schatz finden.
Leider hat das Navi uns im Blätterwerk des Waldes einige Streiche gespielt und wir lagen zuerst 25m daneben.
Wollten schon wieder aufgeben und uns auf den Rückweg machen. "Da, schau doch mal da noch schnell nach!" - hieß es. Was soll ich sagen: Gefunden!

Found 25 May 2017 TKKU found the geocache

Ein verlängertes Wochenende in der Oberpfalz. Unsere Wanderung am Anreisetag führte uns hier vorbei.