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GPS-Referenzpunkt Bremerhaven

 Check your mobile GPS device!

by djti     Germany > Bremen > Bremen, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 53° 32.704' E 008° 34.304' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 02 January 2016
 Published on: 04 January 2016
 Last update: 26 February 2016
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Nobody will argue that we need mobile GPS receivers for our hobby. But probably everyone of us had already had a problem with inaccurate coordinates. Whether they come from the GPS receiver or not carefully measured coordinates by the owner is difficult to tell.

In case your GPS receiver is the problem, you will find it out here! At the given coordinates you will find the first public reference point for GPS receivers in the city of Bremerhaven.[reference]


log conditions:

Visit the reference point. Put your GPS receiver on the middle of the plate and compare your coordinates with the ones shown on the plate. Please comment on the accuracy of your machine in your log entry (ideally with mentioning the type of GPS you are using). If you can also provide a picture, it is even better.

The stone pillar with the metal plate on it is surrounded by cobblestones. The number of stones is needed as a password (two digits) to log this cache online.


By the way, my GPS (Garmin etrex 30) gave me the following data:

coordinates: N 53° 32.704' E 008° 34.304'
altitude: -10 m

The accuracy of the coordinates is good enough for me. The altitude was less satisfying ... Zwinkernd So, now it's your turn. Have fun!

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N 53° 32.651'
E 008° 34.337'
Eine der vielen Parkmöglichkeiten in der Umgebung.
One of the many parking possibilities in the area.
Info The additional waypoints are shown on the map when the cache is selected, are included in GPX file downloads and will be sent to the GPS device.


GPS-Referenzpunkt Bremerhaven
GPS-Referenzpunkt Bremerhaven


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Found 06 August 2020, 14:54 Heini&Kuni found the geocache

Unser Garmin zeigte das gleiche an wie auf der Platte.
TFTC Heini&Kuni

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Found 08 June 2020, 20:06 din0815 found the geocache

# 58
8. Juni 2020 18:00

1. Abend in Bremerhaven und noch einen kleinen Spaziergang gemacht.

N 53° 32.7020 E 08° 34.3090

Viele Grüße aus Lutherstadt Wittenberg

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N 53° 32.7020 E 08° 34.3090N 53° 32.7020 E 08° 34.3090

Found 15 April 2020 Geolen found the geocache


Found 19 January 2020, 17:45 cuxflodders found the geocache

Heute während eines Spaziergangs durch die Bremerhavener Innenstadt bin ich hier vorbeigekommen . Screenshot aufgenommen mit einem GalaxyS7..... DfdC Cuxflodders

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Found 07 October 2019, 15:12 DL8ABG found the geocache

Mobiltelefon Moto 5
Korrekt gerundet (nur 3 Dezimalstellen)