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Max I. in Augsburg

 On the tacks of emperor Maimilian I in Augsburg.

by MoWoWing     Germany > Bayern > Augsburg, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 48° 22.088' E 010° 53.890' (WGS84)

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 Published on: 13 December 2017
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This cache will lead you on a walk through the town to some still existing tracks of emperor Maximilian I in Augsburg.
In the city it is very difficult to find parking places. Best of all, you come with public means of transportation to the starting point which is near the stop "Moritzplatz" (tram lines 1 or 2, bus routes 22 or 32).

Maximilian I (*1459 +1519), called "the last knight", from 1477 was duke of Burgundy, from 1486 Roman-German king and from 1508 emperor of the holy Roman empire.
He often stayed in Augsburg. Many times in company of his "court jester", loyal confidant and consultant Kunz von der Rosen, also called "amusing consultant of the emperor".
From 1501 Maximilian even owned a house here, near the "Heilig Kreuzer Thor". Unfortunately in the following picture this house is covered by this gate tower.

Heilig Kreuzer Thor (seen from the Ludwigstraße)


To get into the town again after his hunting expeditions outside of the town walls also at night, the "Alte Einlass" (old entrance) was established specially for the emperor in the town fortification, roughly between the today's municipal theatre and the court house of the district court of Augsburg.

Der Alte Einlass (1840)

Its technology which functioned supposedly automatically was admired. Its ingenious mechanism was marveled at in whole Europe as a engineering marvel.
However, in reality guardians, so-called "Einlässer", in the upper floor of the building operated the mechanisms of the gate machine and the drawbridge manually. Three chambers which were opened successively were inserted.

The last relicts of the "Alter Einlass" were removed in the course of the demolition of the town fortification in 1867.

The narrow relationship of Maximilian to Augsburg is decisively caused to his financial dependence on the rich businessmen of the Fugger and Welser.

Because of his predilection for Augsburg (his 17 stays lasted a total of two years and 211 days) king Franz I von Frankreich called him derogatively the "mayor of Augsburg".

Today beside the name of "Maximilianstrasse" only a few inscriptions remind of emperor Maximilian.

The so-called imperial mile of Augsburg, the "Maximilianstrasse" originated only in 1809 after the demolition of the "Siegelhaus" and was named originally after the Bavarian king Maximilian I at that time. Only in 1957 emperor Maximilian I was explained to its name patron.

However, the Maximilianmuseum deals generally nothing with the emperor. It was opened in 1854 and named after the Bavarian king Maximilian II.

On your walk you will see several memorial tablets. The translations of the inscriptions can be found in the appendix.








Stage 1: N48°22.088 E010°53.890                    A =
This stage at least in this respect has relations to Maximilian I as it is situated at the beginning of the Maximilianstrasse.
Here also there is an inscription in which Maximilian plays a role.
Question: Which LIT D No (=A) had the house which formerly stood here?


Stage 2: N48°22.(A*20+15) E010°53.(A*7+705)        B =
Here you will find a very wistful farewell of Maximilian to Augsburg and his citizens.
Question: Which annual number (=B) carries this farewell?


Stage 3: N48°22.(B-1329) E010°53.(B-967)           C =
How far is it (air line) from this point to the front door of the court house (Landgericht Augsburg) Am Alten Einlass?
approx. 35 m ---> C = 35
approx. 75 m ---> C = 75
approx. 105 m ---> C = 105


Stage 4: N48°22.(193+C) E010°53.(487+C)            D =
                                                   E =

Near this place you can find several inscriptions. How many years (D) did this house belong to the emperor?
How many full months (E) was a well known contemporary of Maximilian arrested nearby.


Stage 5: N48°22.(D*30-22) E010°53.(E*50+67)        F =
With whom the emperor used to live here:
with his Gemahlin Blanca Maria ---> F = 100
with Kunz von der Rosen ---> F = 190
with Götz von Berlichingen ---> F = 236


Stage 6: N48°22.(F+306) E010°53.(F+545)            G =
How many years (G) did the "amusing consultant of the emperor" live here?


Final: N48°22.(2*D*G+42) E010°53.(4*E*G-84)
The GPS accuracy is very bad here and fickle.
However, with your skilled expert's eye you will find the box quickly.
It can be easily reached from the sidewalk!

Please put the box back exactely in the corner!






Translation of the inscriptions:


Now god bless you
dear Augsburg and
all godly citizens inside!
Surely we have had
some glad mind in you.
Now we will not see
you anymore.

Emperor Maximilian XXXX.


This house
was the seat of the provost,
newly constructed in 1508
by the cardinal
Matthäus Lang.
During his
stay in Augsburg
the emperor Maximilian I
and xxxxxxxxxxxxx
used to live here. 


In the house LIT. D No. X
which formerly
stood in this place
in 1468 Cardinal
Matthäus Lang
was born
one of the most activ
diplomats in the service
of emperor Maximilian I,
provost of the cathedral
of Augsburg and from 1519 up to
his demise in 1540 archbishop of Salzburg.

  This house belonged to
Emperor Maximilian I.
from the year XXXX
up to his death XXXX.
The nearby gate, called
"Einlass" (=admittance),
was built for him for the purpose
that he could come to his domicile
while the other gates were closed.
  Here lived
from the year XXXX to XXXX
Kunz von der Rosen,
citizen of Augsburg,
emperor Maximilian's
amusing consultant and most loyal

Here stood the
Kreuz-Thor tower,
construction time
11th century,
demolished in 1807.
In this tower
Götz von Berlichingen
from the XX of November
XXXX till the X of March ???
was imprisoned.

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Svany: Oruvaq gur ynfg Wrfhvg!



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Found 17 February 2019, 14:15 Line6 found the geocache

Heute eine kurze Sonnenscheinrunde gemacht und diesen gut zu machenden Cache gelaufen.
Danke fürs legen

Found 31 October 2018 fangolin found the geocache

Nachloggen auf Opencaching...

Log vom 18.02.2018 bei GC.

Wenn ich MowoWing lese, dann weiß ich mittlerweile, es könnte länger dauern, aber es hat auch alles Hand und Fuß und und steht für Qualität. So haben wir uns heute gleich zwei von dieser Sorte ausgesucht und mit dem Max angefangen. Es lief wie am Schnürchen und so standen wir schneller am Final als gedacht. Im Anschluss noch die Augsburger Impressionen, dann hats aber auch gereicht mit dem Gehatsche durch Schnee, Matsch und am Ende auch Kälte!

...Mäxchen bekommt auch ein Schleifchen :-)

Vielen Dank an MoWoWing, für die ausgiebige Stadtführung sagt,


Jahrelang wurde diese Plattform regelrecht vernachlässigt, ein Nachloggen aller Caches die auf beiden Plattformen gelistet sind, ist ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit. Nun versuche ich zumindest mal diejenigen, die in der Homzone liegen auf den neuesten Stand zu bringen.

Danke MoWoWing für den Cache und dein Verständnis   :)

Gruß, fangolin

Found The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. Recommended 14 October 2018 goof390 found the geocache

dieser max der erste war heute mit angedacht angeradelt zu werden. in der frühe war
das suchen wegen der vielen touris auf der strasse auch noch nicht so schwierig.
bis auf die dritte station war alles doch gut für einen alten mann zu finden. auch die
finalrechnung führte mich an eine bekannte stelle und das dösle war gut zu finden.
für das schöne büchle lasse ich auch ein blaues in die box fallen.
dfdc mit grüßen aus dem frankenland goof390

Note 12 July 2018 MoWoWing wrote a note

Logbuch erneuert.

Found Recommended 16 June 2018 wolle1964 found the geocache

Nachdem die Runde bei "Augsburger Impressionen - Virtual Reward" (GC) so gut geklappt hat, machte ich gleich mit diesem Multi auch von MoWo Wing weiter.
In Geschichte bin ich nicht so bewandert, der Cache lehrte mich Einiges über Kaiser Maximilian I. und seine Zeitgenossen. Und er zeigte mir einige Spuren des Kaisers in Augsburg, die ich alle noch nicht kannte.
Alles war gut zu lösen und auch das Final konnte ich gleich finden.

Vielen Dank für die Geschichtsstunde und den netten Multi

(nachgeloggt bei OC)