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 Find a draw bridge which also today prevents access.

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N 55° 08.532' E 004° 05.495' (WGS84)

 andere coördinaatstelsel
 Grootte: geen behuizing
Status: Beschikbaar
 Verborgen op: 27. februari 2021
 Published on: 27. februari 2021
 Laatste verandering: 28. maart 2021
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC13D53

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This is a virtual Safari-Cache. It is not at a fixed location, but can be solved on many places. The given coordinates are just for the graphical representation.
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Draw bridge at the lake Zurich

Defending draw bridge Safari

After I found the Safari SVC: Mittelalterliche Zugbrücke I spotted that there are modern draw bridges in Zürich and that they are effectively still used as a defending mechanism. Though not by an army against other armies, yet against vandals and thieves. Actually, that's still a clever concept!

The bridge in Zurich protects a private boat dock. It can be, powered by an electric motor, pulled up. From the shore you only look against a wall of boards:

Draw bridge at the lake Zurich

Draw stairs in Zurich

Temporarily, due to a construction site, I also found a draw staircase in Zurich. This leads to a shop and can also be pulled up on two chains at night. This is also an exciting application of a medieval defense system.

Now I wanted to know where there are other such drawbridges which are still in use for defense purposes today. That brings us to the task for this safari:


  1. Find a bridge that even now days for access control is pulled up, turned away or moved.
    Excluded are
  2. Take a picture of the bridge that proves that you (and your whole team) were there and took the picture for this safari.
  3. Create a log entry containing the coordinates of the middle of the bridge and attach the picture. Please write something about the bridge in the log.
  4. Each bridge can only be logged once. Each account can log 3 different bridges as a find.

For my two examples, I have not recorded any log entries and therefore they can still be logged. However, you have to find out for yourself where exactly they are ;-)

And now a lot of excitement on the safari!

There is a similar Locationless Cache - but mind the differences in the requirements.


Verteidigende Zugbrücke am Zürichsee
Verteidigende Zugbrücke am Zürichsee
Beispiel Log Foto
Beispiel Log Foto


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Gevonden 19. september 2021, 18:56 TeamMB heeft de cache gevonden

Die Wolfschwang Alm in Großgmain bei N 47° 43.155' E 012° 55.681'
ist derzeit geschlossen. Auf die Aussichtsterrasse käme man über eine Zugbrücke, die über einen eher tiefen als breiten Bach geklappt werden kann. Damir zur Zeit niemand auf die Terrasse kommt, ist die Zugbrücke hochgeklappt und verteidigt sozusagen die Terrasse.  ;)
Nett gmacht! Servus und danke fürs Safari Schachterl! :)

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