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WebCam - Oxford, Broad Street and High Street (OK045B)

 【ツ】 HD-Livestream - A webcam right in the heart of Oxford's dreaming spires (Oxford Martin School)

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N 51° 45.278' W 001° 15.295' (WGS84)

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 Published on: 24. december 2017
 Laatste verandering: 13. december 2018
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Broad Street lies right in the heart of Oxford's "dreaming spires", between the Weston Library, Blackwells, Trinity and Balliol Colleges on one side and the Clarendon Building, Sheldonian Theatre, Museum of the History of Science, and Exeter College on the other.
In the 10th century this site - then little more than a ditch - marked the edge of the city walls.
During the middle ages it was known as Horsemonger Street as it became the home of the city's horse market (and local pub The White Horse helps carry on part of this legacy in its name).
The webcam at www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/webcam/ (operated by the Oxford Martin School) looks East down Broad Street from its Westernmost end. That webpage also contains a helpful guide to the buildings visible in the image, if you're interested.

A nice livestream along the Broad Street from the Oxford Martin School @ webcamgalore.com 

Your task is to capture a photo of yourself
(either using a portable device or by having a friend take a screenshot) visible in its frame.

Post the image with your log.
If you've brought a friend and a laptop, be advised that the Weston Library has a free public WiFi hotspot.

Note that the webcam has a "lag" of up to a minute behind real-world events.

The posted coordinates are usually the best place to stand - near the North-Western corner of the steps of the archway-shaped Clarendon Building - but sometimes school and tour groups fill up the space and you're better standing on the opposite side of the road.

Please don't stand in the road to capture your picture: neither motorists nor cyclists are very forgiving of tourists shuffling about on the street, and the 20mph speed limit is routinely disobeyed.

visit: Info · Webcam · Image 

Go to the above coordinates.  
You will be in front of a webcam that takes a picture.  

Picture: skylinewebcams.com   

Now you need someone to save the picture of yourself taken by the webcam or save it as a screenshot on your smartphone.

To log this cache, you have to post this picture.
The picture should allow to identify you as a geocacher.
How you do that is up to you, if you want:
holding up an umbrella, banners, warning vests, balloons, headlights, or cheering into the camera... all the purpose is welcome! 

Additional waypoints   andere coördinaatstelsel

N 51° 45.260'
W 001° 15.357'
(Limited) paid parking available directly on Broad Street.
N 51° 45.315'
W 001° 15.276'
(Limited) paid parking around the corner on Parks Road.
Point of interest
N 51° 45.283'
W 001° 15.300'
Alternative footpath in clear view of the webcam 1.
Stage or reference point
N 51° 45.142'
W 001° 14.953'
Alternative footpath in clear view of the webcam 2.
Info The additional waypoints are shown on the map when the cache is selected, are included in GPX file downloads and will be sent to the GPS device.

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Broad Street (webcam 1)
Broad Street (webcam 1)
High Street (webcam 2)
High Street (webcam 2)


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