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Radwege- und Pilgerkirche Treysa

by RalyxMR     Germany > Hessen > Schwalm-Eder-Kreis

N 50° 54.789' E 009° 11.171' (WGS84)

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 Size: micro
Status: Available
 Time required: 0:10 h 
 Hidden on: 04 April 2017
 Published on: 05 May 2018
 Last update: 29 December 2018
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC147A7
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In May 2017 the city church in Treysa was declared as a special church for cyclists and pilgrim's. On their travelling they can take a break and find a place of silence and meditation. The churchyard has been restored generously: Take a look and enjoy the panorama of the Old Town Treysa, Hephata, the valley of the Schwalm and the highlands of Gilserberg. You also can play boule at the backside of the church. The Place behind the church has been closed from 7 PM to 9 AM. So the cache has changed it's location so that it can be found 24/7.

Additional hint  

behind natural camouflage, tweezers can be helpful



Radwege- und Pilgerkirche Treysa
Radwege- und Pilgerkirche Treysa


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Log entries for Radwege- und Pilgerkirche Treysa    Found 1x Not found 0x Note 0x Maintenance 3x

  New coordinates:  N 50° 54.789' E 009° 11.171', moved by 58 meters

Available 04 October 2018 RalyxMR has maintained the cache

Neu ausgelegt. Viel Spaß.

Available 02 September 2018 RalyxMR has maintained the cache

An anderer Stelle in der Nähe neu ausgelegt. Viel Spaß beim Suchen und finden.

  New coordinates:  N 50° 54.789' E 009° 11.121', moved by 5 meters

Temporarily not available The geocache needs maintenance. 31 July 2018 RalyxMR has disabled the cache

Wurde zum zweiten Mal innerhalb kurzer Zeit gemuggelt. Muss mir was anderes überlegen.

  Coordinates:  N 50° 54.789' E 009° 11.126'

Found The geocache is in good or acceptable condition. 09 July 2017 Nibbles found the geocache

Hatte den Cache bevor er hier bei OC veröffentlicht (und inzwischen mehrmals gemuckelt wurde) unter GC geloggt.

DFDC Nibbles- mit Butzel