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LP: Ruine Leutchenburg

 Ruin of Leuchtenburg (Lost Place)

by team_GRLP     Italy > Provincia Autonoma Bolzano/Bozen [3] > Bolzano-Bozen

N 46° 22.735' E 011° 16.788' (WGS84)

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Status: Available
 Time required: 2:00 h   Route: 5 km
 Hidden on: 24 October 2021
 Published on: 24 October 2021
 Last update: 24 October 2021
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC16F31

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The legendary Leuchtenburg seems to watch over Lake Kaltern in the south of South Tyrol today. Above Lake Kaltern, near the Laimburg in the municipality of Pfatten, the ruins of the Leuchtenburg tower into the sky. Although it is actually no longer on the territory of the municipality of Kaltern, the legendary Leuchtenburg ruins nevertheless belong to the overall ensemble of Lake Kaltern.

The castle was probably built around 1250 by the Lords of Rottenburg, but the exact date of construction is uncertain: the South Tyrolean Castle Institute even assumes that it was built before 1200. Due to its location and an imposing shield wall, the castle was well protected against attacks. Numerous castles of the dominion Rottenburg were razed to the ground after the dispute with Duke Friedrich IV of Tyrol from 1410, but not the Leuchtenburg. It passed into the possession of the sovereigns and was lent to the respective captains of Kaltern in the following years. For a long time the Leuchtenburg was also the seat of the judge of Kaltern. After 1610, however, the Leuchtenburg remained uninhabited and was thus exposed to decay.

In the 20th century the masonry was conserved. Preserved are parts of the ring wall and the palace with frescoes from the 15th century. The light castle consisted of an almost circular shield wall, in which some residential buildings were located. These are today, however, only rudimentary recognizable. Lasting is also the beautiful view of Lake Kaltern, the South Tyrolean Wine Road and into the Adige Valley. Ideal also for a picnic.

About the cache: The climb is partly quite steep (T3). To get inside the castle, however, you have to climb a short steel ladder on the north side, hence a T4 rating. To be able to log this virtual cache (i.e. without a cache and logbook), you have to attach an individual picture to the online log showing that you were on site inside (the castle), e.g. with your mascot, logo, GPS, lucky charm, finger in the picture, etc. There are no limits to your creativity. Logs without photos must unfortunately be deleted ;-)

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cyrnfr nggnpu gur cvpgher!
Ragenapr gb cnynpr vf ba gur Abegu fvqr



Blick von der Burg Richtung Weinstrasse
Blick von der Burg Richtung Weinstrasse
Im Palas/Inside the Palance
Im Palas/Inside the Palance
Im Palas/Inside the Palance (2)
Im Palas/Inside the Palance (2)
Im Palas/Inside the Palance (3)
Im Palas/Inside the Palance (3)
Freske: Im Palas/Inside the Palance (4)
Freske: Im Palas/Inside the Palance (4)


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