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 Short offsetcache near a rock with natural powers. Easy terrain

por Gavriel     Austria > Niederösterreich > Wiener Umland/Südteil

¡Atención! Este geocache es "archivado"! No es un contenedor físico a las coordenadas especificadas (o los que tienen que determinar). ¡El interés del lugar no es necesariamente la búsqueda!

N 48° 06.043' E 016° 16.137' (WGS84)

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 Tamaño: pequeño
Estado: archivado
 Ocultos en: 22. diciembre 2006
 Publicado desde: 22. diciembre 2006
 Última actualización: 08. julio 2020
 Listado: https://opencaching.de/OC2B85
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Descripción    English (Inglés)

Hiden in the Forest there is a very powerful place to be found in the forest.
Leave your car at the lower end of the Barmhartstalstraße and walk up the hill until there is a chance to turn left. A small path leads directly to the rock. Don't try to go crosscountry from the nearby school, there are many thorns on this way.

Natural Power
In earlier times women who wished to have children used to visit certain rocks and slid down there (you will easily notice which side of this rock has been used for sliding and which has not). In some places of the alpine region this belief is said to be still alive. So it is up to you if you want to take a risk or not. But don't forget: It only works for women. For men it may have an opposite effect.
This slide is very small in comparison to the one near Heinrichs, that's why it is only called "Hui!" instead of "Huiiiiii!".

Have a look around the place and find the way to the nearby cache:
The cache and the highest spot of the stone are the two ends of a straight line with the right end of the bench (seen from the stone) in the middle.
Easy, isn't it?


The cache is a small click-lock-container, containing logbook-pencil-disclaimer, Please rehide it well and try to make it look natural.

Have fun and prosper!

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hagre Fgrvara



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Log de entrada por Hui!    encuentran 19x no encontrado 0x Nota 0x Maintenance 1x

archivado 08. julio 2020 Gavriel has archived the cache

Wiederholt vesrchwunden. Der Wald dort hat sich leider sehr zu seinen Ungunsten geändert. Das war mal ein lauschiges Plätzchen, jetzt ist es total "aufgeräumt"

encuentran 21. junio 2018 chris2286266 ha encontrado el geocache

Aus irgendeinem Grund habe ich diesen Cache immer wieder übersehen, seltsam.
Heute war ich in der Gegend und da gönnte ich mit den kurzen Abstecher zu dem netten Platzerl.


encuentran 11. marzo 2017 tom1996 ha encontrado el geocache

Ein bisschen erinnerte uns der Cache an GC2Q45T, aber nur ein bisschen.


encuentran 01. noviembre 2015 AnnaMoritz ha encontrado el geocache

Den Kultplatz habe ich mir irgendwie anders vorgestellt. Trotzdem nettes Platzerl. TFTC

encuentran 01. noviembre 2015 cezanne ha encontrado el geocache

Before we went for a walk on the Wasserleitungsweg we made a short detour to this untypically short gavriel multi cache. I had expected a larger stone, too. The cache container was quickly spotted by MoritzRabe without knowledge of the description. Everything is ok with the cache.
Thank you for attracting our attention to this location.