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door rapebe     Duitsland > Nordrhein-Westfalen > Rhein-Kreis Neuss

Attentie! Deze cache is "Gearchiveerd"! Er bevind zich geen behuizing op de aangegeven (of uitgerekende) coördinaten. Het is dan ook raadzaam om deze cache niet te gaan zoeken!

N 51° 08.000' E 006° 45.000' (WGS84)

 andere coördinaatstelsel
 Grootte: klein
Status: Gearchiveerd
 Verborgen op: 12. juli 2008
 Listed since: 12. juli 2008
 Laatste verandering: 13. juli 2015
 Listing: https://opencaching.de/OC6093
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ELVEKUM?! The village seems to me always thus like the anonymous village of ASTERIX and OBELIX. Whether his inhabitants are so "earthy" as the Gauls, this avoids of my knowledge. However, anyway there is an amount of "originals" which make themselves strong to receive the "isolation character" of this village. If you can speak today generally in our space positively of a village: ELVEKUM has earned the first price – in my opinion! And only the aerial picture  which you find on the website of the village underlines this judgment. On this side you also find the information which you'll need for the solution this Mystery-Cache. And if there is a village which has also earned a Cache, then it is ELVEKUM. The Cache contains only one logbook. A pencil must be brought: there is no room for it in the tin!

It's geographic situation is:

N 51 degrees 08.- - -minutes

E 006 degree 45.- - -minutes


The last three figures of the hiding place of the Cache arise in solution of the following questions: ("When" the question always means after the year!)


1.) When is the place mentioned for the first time in writing?

2.) Which year was the road cross established?

3.) Which year was the monument established in the chapel?

4.) Which year was the 100-year-old existence of the restaurant "von Zons" celebrated?

5.) When was the old well filled up in the place?

6.) Since when the studying youth Aloysius reveres as her patron saint?

7.) Which year did Aloysius die?

8.) When was the association "unity" founded?

9.) When did the village receive in the competition „Our village should become more nicely“ the first price?

10.) Which year the "Schockerclub" was founded“


So, from the calculated position you have to take a bearing on 215 m in the direction of N 13 degrees. The hiding place could be dangerous, because there is sometimes shot, but you have dressed up eyes in the head.... dont't search on carnival dressed as a rabbit.

To understand the solution instructions and to go forward properly - please the German version read!


Gecodeerde hint   Decoderen

Gb unir n ebbs bire lbhe urnq vf tbbq!



Auf dem Weg nach Elvekum
Auf dem Weg nach Elvekum


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Gearchiveerd 13. juli 2015 rapebe has archived the cache

Gevonden 20. oktober 2013, 14:32 booki1203 heeft de cache gevonden


Gevonden 20. september 2012 Knuddelratte heeft de cache gevonden

Nun möchte ich auch bei OC noch meine gefunden Caches nachloggen!!



Gevonden 08. juli 2012 Aikiundflo heeft de cache gevonden

Nach langer Recherche die koordinaten ermittelt. Und dann alles gut Gefunden. Danke

Gevonden 26. april 2012 jojochen heeft de cache gevonden

Das war unsere erste....hat uns Spass gemacht. Vielen Dank.

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