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Graffiti Stadthafen Rostock

 A cache with multiple stations at Graffiti paintings in the Rostock city habour

by diemachollos     Germany > Mecklenburg-Vorpommern > Rostock, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 54° 05.614' E 012° 07.011' (WGS84)

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 Size: normal
Status: Available
 Time required: 2:00 h   Route: 4.0 km
 Hidden on: 28 August 2008
 Listed since: 28 August 2008
 Last update: 18 September 2018
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The way of about 3-4 km leads to different stations in the Rostock city habour. A bicycle can be recommended but is not necessary of course. You will need a pen and sheet of paper for notes. While searching it is never necessary to leave public ways. Parking is possible next to the start coordinates.

Unfortunately like many bigger towns Rostock suffers from malicious damage by ugly scratching and tagging. But this geocache will show you some of the Graffiti paintings for beautification of our town. Most of the paintings are the result of direct orders. Thank you to artunique, dosensport and the Graffiti Freunde for their art. You can read more about Graffiti at Wikipedia.

The way to the cache
It is your task to go to the different stations in the city habour and collect all the information that you will need to evaluate the final coordinates.

Station A: (Roses and lilies) N54° 05.614’ E012° 07.011’
Station A
At this station you will find a number behund the word Trafo.
A = Number

Station B:
Station B
N54° 05.60(A-15)’ E012° 07.08(A-13)’
Four boxes for four bicycles. Which number is at the most left box?
B = Number of the box (left)

Because the number was stolen you can take:
B = Number of the box (right) - 3

Station C:
Station C
N54° 05.(B+1)0(B+1)’ E012° 07.0(B+3)(B+3)’
How many person you can see in the picture
C = Number of person

Station D:
Station D
N54° 05.(C+2)7(C+6)’ E012° 07.(C+3)81’
At a plate you will find the number of an energy provider including prefix.
D = 5th number (digit) of the telephone number

Station E:
Station E
N54° 05.B(D-6)(D+1)’ E012° 07.(D-1)1C’
Count the locks and handles on the whole object
E = Sum of locks and handles

Station F:
Station F
N54° 05.BC4’ E012° 07.9(B+4)D’
Here is a Northeastern German city  mentioned in the signature of the Graffiti. Which town is it?
Stralsund: F = 1
Greifswald: F = 7
Rostock: F = 6
Wismar: F = 3

Station G:
Station G
N54° 05.BB2’ E012° 08.2C(F+2)’
The Graffiti at the adjacent side shows a person. What is the person doing?
Building a ship: G = 6
Painting a Graffiti: G = 9
Fishing: G = 2

Station H:
Station H
N54° 05.(C+1)G6’ E012° 07.(G-1)60’
The coverage of the lock is fixed with a number of rivets. How many?
H = Number of rivets

The final position of the cache can be evaluated as follows:

N 54° 0B.(C+1)(D-1)(G-4)'
E 012° 0E.F(A-21)(H-1)'

The cache contains trading goods and is big enough for travel bugs and geocoins.
Please. exchange goods of the same value only.

We wish you success and have fun!

Additional hint   Decrypt

Jura fvtavat gur ybtobbx lbh jvyy abg trg jrg, rira abg jura vg envaf.





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Karo - Vier by Kretycard

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Found 15 November 2020, 16:59 Juchatz9688 found the geocache

Ganz ganz tolle Route, die Dose mussten wir im Dunkeln erst lange suchen, aber die Freude war umso größer. Tolles versteck, tolle Route. Vielen Dank Julia und jarno

Found 24 May 2020, 07:12 Grindelsack found the geocache

Nice cache.... Thank you very much.

Found 28 March 2020, 19:17 Plathypus found the geocache


Found 30 November 2019, 14:58 nordperd found the geocache

Supi. Im vierten Anlauf doch noch gefunden. Es war schon fast ein Klassiker. Vor jedem Stadtbummel mal ein paar Minuten suchen , ob der Kleine sich heute zu erkennen gibt. Nun stehen wir als dritter im neuen Karton. Bedankt.
.Wir waren hier!.

Found 06 July 2017, 23:53 RicoRock89 found the geocache

Heute mit a1641 und FausRo bei traumhaftem Wetter an den Stadthafen verirrt. Vielen Dank für die tolle Tour, fürs hegen und pflegen.