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Kommissar Machollos 1. Fall

 A short multi cache with criminal background

by diemachollos     Germany > Mecklenburg-Vorpommern > Rostock, Kreisfreie Stadt

Attention! This Geocache is "Archived"! There is no physical container at the specified (or to be determined) coordinates. In the interest of the place it should not be necessarily to search!

N 54° 04.119' E 012° 08.676' (WGS84)

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 Hidden on: 21 September 2008
 Listed since: 22 September 2008
 Last update: 26 February 2017
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It was the first case for commissar Machollo, just for acclimatising. They only told him, that there was a burglary in a garden plot region near Rostock. Haul: 500€ and some tinned food. There were some signs that the thief could possibly be an escaped prisoner who has been making the region insecure for a longer time, already. Just the right matter to grill the new commissar…
When commissar Machollo arrived at the point
N54° 04.119' E012° 08.676'
of the happening, an excited elderly woman met him halfway. She told him that she and her husband came into the garden plot yesterday morning an they noticed, that the door of  their bower was destroyed. When they came closer suddenly a man run out of the bower onto the street. Her husband was trying to chase the person, but the thug took a gun and shot at him. Machollo now wanted the woman to show him the place of the shooting and she told him, that the thief run towards the tunnel and thereafter along the Dalwitzhofer Weg. After a thoroughly inspection of this way Machollo found at least some bullet holes at one of the masts beside the way. Machollo wrote the number of the holes into his notebook.  My God! The criminal really takes a gun around with him! Machollo felt a bit queasy…

What a luck that his trusty dog was along with the commissar! And really: the dog smelled a trace of the thief. The commissar almost couldn’t follow his running dog. Suddenly the dog stopped and started to bark. Aha! At
N54° 03.850 E012° 08.625'
a precise footmark was to be seen! Commissar Machollo noted the size of the shoe, which was barely identifiable – may be he could use it some times later. Machollo had just packed his notebook when the dog found a new trace and began to run away again.
The dog stopped at a clear area at
N54° 04.156' E012° 08.627'
After a careful observation of that place the commissar found some drops of blood on the floor. Perhaps the thug hurt himself, may be he even rushed and this was the place of a short rest? The number of the drops seemed to be interesting and so Machollo made some notes of it. Just when Machollo wanted to leave, his dog sprinted into the little forest nearby and barked  loudly, somebody swore. Next a man ran out of the forest, he seemed to be afraid of the dog. Machollo started to run after him,  but soon he was out of puff. Abruptly the man rushed and grimaced with pain. Suddenly the dog was with him and Machollo arrived, too. The bracelets clicked.
Sometimes later at the police station it became clear, that the criminal was really the escaped prisoner Old Jo, who tried to survive with breaking into bowers. After some questionings and a good warm meal Old Jo told Machollo, where he used to hide his haul, just at
N54° 04.244' E012° 08.629',
but he added that this knowledge wouldn’t help the commissar very much and he grined to Machollo with his black teeth. But Old Jo had underrated Machollo...


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In einer kleinen Gruppe mit zwei Kindern, die ihren Spass hatten haben wir den Fall gelöst. Auf zum Nächsten Fall.

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Das war ein schöner Spaziergang mit meinen Neffen. Die Hinweise waren gut versteckt. Es war also nicht zu leicht. Hat viel Spass gemacht. Vielen Dank.

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