European IMC No.1 P-L - Bourscheid Castle

 Short hike from a nice castle. 1km

von Captain Cook     Luxemburg > luxembourg (grand-duché) > Luxembourg (Grand-Duché)

N 49° 54.370' E 006° 04.622' (WGS84)

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 Größe: normal
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Versteckt am: 01. Juni 2003
 Gelistet seit: 05. Oktober 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 20. Juli 2008
 Listing: http://opencaching.de/OC020C
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Beschreibung    English

This cache can be searched and found like any other traditional cache...


...it can be the starting point for an international cooperation as well. This cache is just one cache of a set of 30 caches named European IMC No.1 (IMC stands for International Multi Cache).

These caches are hidden in following (15) European countries:

Austria (A), Belgium (B), Denmark (DK), Finland (FIN), France (F), Germany (D), Great Britain (GB), Hungary (H), Ireland (IRL), Italy (I), Luxembourg (L), Netherlands (NL), Portugal (P), Spain (E) and Sweden (S).

In each country there is a primary cache like this one and a secondary cache that can only be found with hints distributed to all primary caches. The (15) primary caches are named: European IMC No.1 P-X-Yyy and the (15) secondary caches are named: European IMC No.1 S-X-Zzz where x is the country code given above and Yyy and Zzz can be any additional name.

The hints for the secondary caches are printed on lists of hints that are inside the primary caches. As the primary caches are scattered all over Europe it will either require a lot of travelling or - and that is the intention of the European IMC No.1 – international cooperation.

If you want to find the secondary cache as well, you should contact finders of other primary European IMC No.1 caches and exchange the hints. And please don't be a poor sport! Never publish the hints anywhere! Not in a log report or on any website. The hints shall only be exchanged / traded between geocachers that found the primary caches and want to search the secondary caches. The European IMC No.1 team wish you good luck!

 Table of links to all primary caches of the IMC-EC No1

Country Cache Author
  Austria   European IMC No. 1 P-A  At5ric
  Belgium  European IMC No. 1 P-B  Pick
  Denmark  European IMC No. 1 P-DK  ElwoodB
  Finland  European IMC No. 1 P-FIN  Divine
  France  European IMC No. 1 P-F  Les Gaulois
  Germany  European IMC No. 1 P-D  Qwertz
  Great Britain  European IMC No. 1 P-GB  LunchBox
  Hungary  European IMC No. 1 P-H  Kumin
  Ireland  European IMC No. 1 P-IRL  ChrisOByrne
  Italy  European IMC No. 1 P-I  NL345
  Luxembourg  European IMC No. 1 P-L  Captain Cook
  Netherlands  European IMC No. 1 P-NL  WaterBoys
  Portugal  European IMC No. 1 P-P  MAntunes
  Spain  European IMC No. 1 P-E  Vicam
  Sweden  European IMC No. 1 P-S  Gustaf

   Secondary cache in this Country

You can park your car at the coordinates given above. Go in the direction of the castle and look for the tree “Geriichtslann” at N 49° 54.356 E 006° 04.684.
An inscription on the wall of the tower will tell you when this tree was planted. Transform this date into DDMMYYYY format, and assign this number to ABCDEFGH.
You will find the cache nearby:
at N 49° 54.(H-D+E,D,B-2A) E 006° 04.(D-E,A,H-D)

Besides some goodies it contains a logbook with several copies of a list of hints for the Secondary Caches. Please take one with you and keep it in case some other geocacher asks you for any of the hints.

Don’t forget to visit the castle itself – it’s really worth this visit!
At http://www.bourscheid.net/ (button: description) you will find everything you need to know about the opening schedule.

This cache is of interest of all European Geocachers. Please, log in English, too.

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ng gur onfr bs n ebpx, pbirerq jvgu fgbarf



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gefunden 21. Juni 2011 Katzenohr hat den Geocache gefunden

The listing isn't very good for paperless caching on Oregon devices. By chance, I had this one on my smartphone to read all required questions for stage 1 and final formula.

The cache itself is now a micro, no infos about the others IMC caches. What a pity! icon_smile_sad.gif I did already another international co-workers cache and liked this style of cooperation.

Anyway, nice castle and a stop over, I wouldn't have done without this cache!

TFTC, Katzenohr

gefunden 19. Januar 2010 häipy hat den Geocache gefunden

Nice Place, easy to find. I know the Castle since Years, bot not Geocaching
HäipyPS: Ther was no Hint for the second Cache in the Box

gefunden 02. Januar 2009 LiRe hat den Geocache gefunden

Wir sind die Gastcacher R und L von HSCA und haben jetzt unseren eigenen Account.

gefunden 02. Januar 2009 HSCA hat den Geocache gefunden

We found here our first IMC. TFTC
[#HSCARL, C, 14:03, hike, 04]

[This entry was edited by HSCA on Monday, September 28, 2009 at 12:01:57 PM.]

gefunden 25. Oktober 2008 mash71 hat den Geocache gefunden

All good things come in threes.
Ok ok, it's a lie ... it was only the third cache of Captain Cook this day. I've found four [;)]
But this one was the most impressing one: the castle is realy impressive and beside gecaching reenactment (beeing a monk in a mediaeval group of knights) is my favourite hobby. So the castle was the right place to discover for me. I regret that I hadn't the time to explore all of its sekrects [;)]
The cache was boldly hidden: lying in the view of every walker but so well hidden that they pass the box unseen. On the other hand every geocacher will find it immediately.