Virtueller Geocache
Le Roi Arthur

 A cache in the wonderful world of Disney.

von safri     Frankreich > île de france > Seine-et-Marne

N 48° 52.400' E 002° 46.550' (WGS84)

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 Größe: kein Behälter
Status: kann gesucht werden
 Versteckt am: 15. April 2003
 Gelistet seit: 01. November 2005
 Letzte Änderung: 01. November 2005
 Listing: http://opencaching.de/OC0810
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Beschreibung    English

Everybody knows the legend of King Arthus and his famous sword EXCALIBUR. At this place you can try yourself if you are able to pull it out of stone.
What we want to know from you before you can log this cache is the inscription on the frontside of the stone with the sword.
Enjoy your visit and be aware that you have to pay for the entrance. Otherwise you are not able to solve the cache.

We wish you a lot of fun and success!

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Oevat n crapvy gb jevgr qbja gur grkg. Vg vf va serapu.



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gefunden 31. Dezember 2015, 16:16 Kornas20 hat den Geocache gefunden

Das erste mal im Disneyland und schnell beim Schwert vorbeigeschaut  :)

Greetings Kornas20

gefunden 05. September 2015 Team Brummi hat den Geocache gefunden

Spending a day in Disneyland is always fun. Don´t know how often we were here. Right know is the chance to make some caches on the way.

For sure we know were to look and as every time we try our best to get the sword out of the stone. But, no chance.

Thanks for let this virtuell live on.

gefunden 02. Juni 2015 rnck hat den Geocache gefunden

Was here to pull out the sword, but didn't succeed.

Thanks for the cache!

gefunden 20. März 2015, 11:00 Sumsumbine hat den Geocache gefunden

Wir haben ein Wochenendtripp nach Disney Land gemacht und dann mal schnell beim Schwert vorbei geschaut.

gefunden 31. Januar 2014 WindpumpBoy hat den Geocache gefunden

I love a virtual cache and had been looking forward to logging this one during our stay at Disneyland Paris I managed to find a nice quiet time with no small children around (it does happen even at Disneyland Paris  ) and had my attempt at usurping the Throne of England. Sadly it was not to be. Fortunately I did photo the inscription for use later in my e-mail to the CO. Tftc and a great trip to Disneyland Paris. 

(previously logged on geocaching.com on 31/1/14 and log added to opencaching.de 18/9/14)