Trail of about 6km length through beautiful old forest. When wet the trail can be slippery and is then dangerous.

von HoPri     Deutschland > Rheinland-Pfalz > Mainz-Bingen

N 49° 58.265' E 007° 51.191' (WGS84)

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 Strecke: 6 km
 Versteckt am: 04. Mai 2003
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Dogs are allowed  Will take longer than one hour to completeScenic area  Not accessible by wheelchairParking is available nearby
  A significant hike is required Watch out for ticks! No public transportation is available nearby
   Watch out for cliffs or falling rocks! 
  Available every day and at all hours  
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English description:

The trail is in no way suitable for strollers or wheelchairs. After longer periods of rain at least some parts of the trail may be very slippery - be extremely careful then or better come back at another day. But even in normal conditions, please watch your step in some passages. You will feel better if you are free from giddiness. GPS coverage might be poor in some places. The whole walk is about 6 km long and involes a significant ascent. The cache container is a smaller Tupperware-like box. This cache can be combined nicely with our cache Damianskopf, which starts at the same parking place.

Original content:

  • Logbook, pencil, sharpener, eraser, (to remain in the cache)
  • 2 little animal figurines,
  • children motive band-aid,
  • Matches, and a tea light,
  • A spheric die,
  • Magic birthday candles

1. Station:

Park at the coordinates
N 49° 58.265'
E 007° 51.191'.
The building is a former forester's office ("Forsthaus"). What is its name? Write down the solution characterwise on the dashed line below:

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Replace each of these characters by its numerical value in the alphabet (i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3, ... , Y=25, Z=26). Call the first number a, the second one b, etc. up to 11th position which is accordinlgy called k.

[Example: F-A-L-K-E-N-A-U transforms into 6-1-12-11-5-14-1-21, yielding a=6, b=1, c=12, etc. till h=21 in the example.]

By the way, the forester's office serves as check point for a marked long distance hike ("Fernwanderweg", "Weitwanderweg") through the Hunsrück. What is the corresponding 3-letter acronym of this hike:

_  _  _ - H

Similarly to above, replace the characters by their numerical value in the alphabet and call the values l, m, and n (skip the 'H').

Go to the coordinates

N 4c° 5a,614'
E 00f° i1,b0c'.

2. Station:

At the above coordinates proceed further about
2*(j + k) + d/2
meters heading
b*j - i

Take your time to enjoy the view. Looking onto the River of Rhine you can see the small island where the famous Mäuseturm (Mouse Tower) is located. Across the Rhine, notice the once mighty Castle of Ehrenfels. Together with the Mäuseturm the castle collected tax from passing boats for the Archbishop of Mainz. By the way, looking towards the Mäuseturm island, are you actually looking upstream (o = 4) or downstream (o = 9)? And the town on the right hand side bank of the Rhine, how is it called? The hill-top chapel behind the town is the Rochus Chapel. Write down the town's name here and transform it analogously into values that we call p, q, r, s, t, and u.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Now proceed to the coordinates

N 49° tq, 1r'
E 007° b1,pio'.

3. Station:

Characters can be found about,
but not so many here.
Count the ones that roll out loud,
add to four and know to steer.
Call the riddle's solution v.

If v = 7:

Proceed to the coordinates

N 49° 59.193'					
E 007° 51.269'.				
If v = 8:

Proceed to the coordinates

N 49° 58.533'
E 007° 51.859'.

4. Station:

Several footpaths meet at this point. Imagine couples walking on each of them towards the junction. What a suprise! The people know each other and - shake hands as it is a habit in Germany. How many handshakes do you count if each of the couples greets the others?

w = number of handshakes

x = e - v
y = w / 2
z = m - w - 2*i

Go to the coordinates

N 49° ba.ocq',
E 007° tx.yzz'.

5. Station:

Take a rest and enjoy the place. Although not too many hikers use this path make sure nobody will disturb you while opening the hiding place of the micro or the cache!

To help you finding the micro, you can decypher the text below. At the described spot, you'll find a 35mm film canister that tells you the coordinates of the final cache (use the degrees and minutes from the micro). To decrypt the text below, follow the reversed principle as described for Station 1:

Replace each number (position within the alphabet) by the corresponding (capital) character. All lower case characters are 'variable names' and thus must be replaced by the corresponding value as you found it as solution. Then replace the number again by the corresponding letter in the alphabet (capital). All captial letters don't need to be replaced. However, with a bit of phantasie, it is almost possible to read the text without decryption...

Tab PAT8 cS S21PPOhTED B25 1 W1Ld 

WHqCa cS pR15g5N D15Wr A20 20WO PdACtS. 

MqDDdE SisMEu20, LOWiS20 hOW, SEC15rD ST15Nb 

FhOM Tab hIGaT.

The micro contains the coordinates of the final cache - you are almost there, it is not far anymore!

Important Note:

Please ensure that both the micro as well as the final cache are re-hidden very well! Only geocachers that are actually searching for them should be able to find them. So, please leave nothing poking into the open!

One last remark:

Please trade fair, i.e. only use trade items that maintain the value of the cache! Thank you very much!

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

Station 3: Qba'g tb gb gur Nycf!
Station 5: Orybj gur jngresnyy ybbxvat hc gb gur cngu lbh frr gur jnyy orybj gur cngu. Frnepu va gur zvqqyr vagnpg frtzrag ybjrfg ebj bs fgbarf frpbaq fgbar sebz gur evtug, n f zbinoyr bar orgjrra 2 y barf.
[Final] Qbjafgernz nebhaq gur pbeare va n ubyybj gerr.



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gefunden 28. Oktober 2011 Määnzer hat den Geocache gefunden

Heute auf der kleinen "Relax-Tour" alle Stages gefunden. Am Final musste ich mich nochmal rückversichern, da die Koords sehr stark sprangen. Sehr schöner Multi, aber echt heftiges Terrain.


Bilder für diesen Logeintrag:
Deutsche BaukunstDeutsche Baukunst
Natur pur ...Natur pur ...

gefunden 25. September 2011 hmpfgnrrr hat den Geocache gefunden

Wow, das war ja mal ein toller Sonntag-Nachmittags-Spaziergang. Anfangs waren uns ein wenig zu viel Wandergruppen unterwegs, aber recht bald wurde ja auf weniger begangene Wege umgeschwenkt.
Am Start konnten wir leider die Nummer des Fernwanderwegs nicht finden. Das war erst mal kein Problem, jedoch bei der Suche nach dem Petling wären wir deswegen beinahe gescheitert. Die Zahl, die ich für die Variable einfach mal eingesetzt hatte, führte uns nämlich zu einer anderen Mauer, wo sich absolut nichts finden ließ. Aber wir waren hartnäckig und wurden doch noch fündig.
Toller Wandercache, gibt nen Favoritenpunkt!


gefunden 26. März 2011 ToDuFe hat den Geocache gefunden

Als Kindergeburtstag war dieser Cache ein gelungener Einstieg für uns Neulinge. Die Hinweise konnten wir gut entschlüsseln, auch der Mikro war kein Problem. Nur beim Final haben wir uns zunächst etwas "dabbisch" angestellt, waren aber schließlich doch erfolgreich. Nur loggen konnten sich die 8 Teilnehmer nicht, da das Logbuch voll ist. Danke sagen Todufe!


gefunden 17. Februar 2011 Quanjamops hat den Geocache gefunden

Im zweiten Anlauf doch noch gefunden.

Das ist wirklich ein sehr schönes Plätzchen. Werden im Sommer noch einmal vorbeischauen. Vielen Dank für´s Zeigen Lächelnd

gefunden 12. Oktober 2010 dicestacker hat den Geocache gefunden

Mindestens einer der folgenden Skills lassen bei mir zu wünschen übrig:
- Wege zählen
- rechnen
- Koordinaten eintippen
Dennoch hab ichs durch geschicktes Ausschlussverfahren doch irgendwie zum Mikro bzw. Final geschafft. :)