Rund um's Textilviertel

 The round tour is approx. 6 km long and to make well on foot, better by bike. Duration approx. 2 - 3 hours.

von MoWoWing     Deutschland > Bayern > Augsburg, Kreisfreie Stadt

N 48° 21.838' E 010° 54.822' (WGS84)

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The textile quarter of Augsburg
(Detail of a town map from 1934)


In Augsburg for centuries many crafts enterprises were already occupied with the textile production. Also big genders as for example the Fuggers and Welsers have arisen from it later. Then from the end of the 18th and particularly in the 19th century, in the age of the industrial revolution, the textile industry in Augsburg experienced an inconceivable boom. All around the town grew big textile factories from the ground which offered jobs to many thousand people.

Particularly many textile enterprises settled in the still free areas  east of the town, between the town walls and the river Lech. Therefore, this area is called "textile quarter".

As rapidly as the textile industry had boomed, its unstoppable decline occurred at the end of 20th century in Augsburg, caused by the overpowering competition especially from Asia. Virtually all textile factories were closed step by step and torn off partly or completely. Only few factory buildings are preserved till today and maintained as industrial monuments. This cache will lead you to some places at which once big manufacturing plants stood.

At all stages (except Stage 4) you find a small container or an adhesive label with a card. This shows you a historical picture and information about the factory which once stood at this place. Secondly you find a task which you must solve to find the next stage and at the end the final.

Please put back again the objects in the container, also the info card at the final.

I have found the pictures and information on the following websites http://www .das-textilviertel.de/geschichte.html and http://www.stadtlexikon-augsburg.de. If you want to know more about this subject, look in there.

This walk around the textile quarter can be made on foot or by bike on ways, which are good throughout. Only at stage 4, 5, 6 and 7 you must leave the way few steps.

01 PARKING :                                                                                                                 N48° 21.870' E10° 54.920'

Somewhere in Schäfflerbachstrasse you hopefully find a parking possibility.
It would be better to use public means of transportation, or to come by bike.

02 STAGE1 : Spring of the knowledge (Question to the answer)                                  N48° 21.838' E10° 54.822'

What is the short name of the public facility which is here?
Tip: A visit of this public institution is, though not condition for this cache, but very recommendable.
Calculate the sum A of the values of the 3 letters of this short name
(a=1, b=2. . . z=26).

Note : A = ??

03 STAGE2 : Facade (Stage of the multi cache)                                               N48° 21.(10*A+272)' E10° 54.799'

Find and solve the task!

Note : B = ????

Attention: Please reattach the container in the correct orientation (opening downward!), otherwise it might rain in!!!

Hint: If you feel too much observed at this place, you will find an evasive station 50m / 178° from here.

04 REF1: Kaufbach (Waypoint without task)                                                                 N48° 21.656' E10° 54.425'

Go on to STAGE3. To your security use traffic light crossings, where possible!

05 STAGE3 : The white House (Stage of the multi cache)                                    N48° 21.(B-1391)' E10° 54.424'

Find and solve the task! (Remove only the small sealing cap!)

Note : C = ???

Finally please insert the cards into the cap before replugging the cap. 

06 STAGE4 : Sparrenlech / Schwalllech (Stage of the multi cache)                                 N48° 21.C' E10°54.309'
Here there is no container!
Discover three coloured figures!
Order these figures in the order of the following natural colorings to get number D.
Purple (hundred place), indigo (ten place), ocher (unit place).

Note :  D = ???

07 STAGE5 : Iron footbridge (Stage of the multi cache)                                                  N48° 21.D' E10° 54.286'

Find and solve the task!

Note :  E = ???

08 REF2 : Jakoberwallstraße (Waypoint without task)                                                 N48° 21.941' E10° 54.248'

Go on to REF3. 

09 REF3 : Parting of the ways (Waypoint without task)                                                N48° 22.200' E10° 54.635'

Go on to STAGE6.

10 STAGE6 : Two ditches (Stage of the multi cache)                                                        N48° 22.E' E10° 54.805'

Find and solve the task!
The satellite receipt is bad here! You need to leave the way only about 2 m.
The concerning factory, was to the right of the way.

Note : F = ???

11 REF4 : Simpertstraße (Waypoint without task)                                                         N48° 22.091' E10° 55.129'

Go on to STAGE7.

12 STAGE7 : A lot of glas? (Stage of the multi cache)                                                       N48° 22.F' E10° 55.258'

Do not search in the wilderness!
Here there is no task card! Develop your own solution strategy! 

Note : G = ??? , H = ???

13 REF5 : Proviantbachstraße (Waypoint without task)                                               N48° 22.010' E10° 55.492'

Go on to STAGE8.

14 STAGE8 : Castel without king (Stage of the multi cache)                                              N48° 21.G' E10° 55.H'

Find and solve the task!

Note : I = ???

15 STAGE9 : High tower (Stage of the multi cache)                                                          N48° 21.I' E10° 54.963'

What did this building serve for?

a) Storage of cotton:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . K = 20
b) Drying coloured cloth:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . K = 40
c) Drying fire hoses: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . K = 60

Note : K = ??

Calculate the final co-ordinates:  N48° 21.(A+B+C+D+E-2918)'  E10° 54.(F+G+H+I+K-1357)'

       A =
       F =
       B =        G =
       C =        H =
       D =     
       I =
       E = ______
       K = ______
     Sum =
     Sum =
           - 2918
           - 1357

  Result =

  Result =

Check the cross sums of the postcomma places of the north co-ordinates and east co-ordinates:
Q(N) = 18,  Q(E) = 21

16 FINAL                                 

Find the box and sign the logbook.

Please, put back the info card, it is no barter object!

I hope, you enjoyed the round!

You can send the following waypoints to your GPS device.
These are all 16 positions of the multi cache.
The co-ordinates of the Stages (except Stage 1) are dummy co-ordinates.
Substitute the 3 zeros of these postcomma places with the ascertained figures.

Zusätzliche Wegpunkte   andere Koordinatensysteme

N 48° 21.870'
E 010° 54.920'
01 Parken / Parking
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.838'
E 010° 54.822'
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.000'
E 010° 54.799'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.656'
E 010° 54.425'
04 REF1
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.000'
E 010° 54.424'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.000'
E 010° 54.309'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.000'
E 010° 54.286'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.941'
E 010° 54.248'
08 REF2
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 22.200'
E 010° 54.635'
09 REF3
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 22.000'
E 010° 54.805'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 22.091'
E 010° 55.129'
11 REF4
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 22.000'
E 010° 55.258'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 22.010'
E 010° 55.492'
13 REF5
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.000'
E 010° 55.000'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
Station oder Referenzpunkt
N 48° 21.000'
E 010° 54.963'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
N 48° 21.000'
E 010° 54.000'
(Dummy co-ordinates)
Info Die zusätzlichen Wegpunkte werden bei Auswahl des Caches auf der Karte angezeigt, sind in heruntergeladenen GPX-Dateien enthalten und werden an das GPS-Gerät gesendet.

Verschlüsselter Hinweis   Entschlüsseln

FGNTR2: Yvtugvat pbyhza
FGNTR3: Lbh fubhyq abg or gbb fznyy
FGNTR4: Nobhg va rlr yriry
FGNTR5: Fvk zrgerf JAJ bs ynagrea 29309
FGNTR6: Shepngvba, Gerr 00608, fcbvyre cvpgher
FGNTR7: Oynpx
FGNTR8: Ng gur obggbz, zntargvpnyyl



Spoilerbild zu STAGE6
Spoilerbild zu STAGE6


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