Castell de Bellver

 short walk around the famous castle

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N 39° 33.855' E 002° 37.191' (WGS84)

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Castell de Bellver is a Gothic fortification built by order of King Jaume II of Mallorca between 1300 and 1311, under the supervision of Ponc Descoll. Five rooms on the ground floor are devoted to the Museu d´Historia de la Ciutat, which exhibits pieces proceeding from archaeological digs and the collection of Cardinal Despuig.
Even it is in the centre of
Palma, it is a quite and green place with a scenic view and interesting things to discover. A visit of the castell is highly recommended, which costs you a fee of about 2 €. But it is up to you, for the cache it isn´t necessary to enter the castle. This cache will guide you to the nearby Parc de Bellver.
By car follow the purple signs “Castell de Bellver” to waypoint VIAC. Parking is possible close to stage 1 and 2 free of charge. By foot you can take stairs starting at VIAP through the parc. Take a look to the opening hours (picture below). It´s also possible to visit this place during your City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Tour of Palma de Mallorca.

Stage 1 : N39° 33.855 E002° 37.191
A=number of stairs from the road up to the small bridge
B=number of windows missing on fake picture TORRE (don’t forget !)

Stage 2 : N39° 33.789 E002° 37.143
C=number of stones of the stone pillar touching the ground (lowest row)
D=number of iron letters missing on fake picture ECOLOGIC (also don’t forget !)

You would like to get some water. What do you have to do ?
push E=45
pull E=71
turn E=96

A footpath/trail guides you close to the
Cache : N39° 33.[A*C+B*E] E002° 36.[A*C+D*E-39]

Enjoy it and have a nice time on Mallorca
Homer Jay



VIAC entrance by car (Trailhead) N 39° 34.027 E 002° 37.437
VIAP entrance by foot (stairs) (Trailhead) N 39° 33.817 E 002° 37.432


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fgbar jnyy, haqre n cyngr, npprff sebz gur evtug fvqr
purpxfhz/pebff fhz (N+O+P+Q+R)=svir



opening hours
opening hours
TORRE fake
TORRE fake


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nicht gefunden 21. Oktober 2009 bimiluca hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

We did not understand the hints for stage 1-B and stage 2-C. But thanks for discovering the nice castell and the great view! Our kids saw another team (maybe WolfKK?), but we didn't want to follow them...

gefunden Empfohlen 21. Oktober 2009 WolfKK hat den Geocache gefunden

Thank you very much for this nice cache. After all the micro cache boxes it was great to find that big box. Unfortunately the box is broken and so the content may get wet.
In: GC Pittiplatsch's Travel Express Geocoin
Out: TB Smile!

gefunden 08. Januar 2009 prussel hat den Geocache gefunden

After visiting this really interesting castle, we found this nice big cache without problems.
In: TB & GeoKret / Out: Keyring
Gracias y TFTC Jutta & Michael

gefunden 13. Oktober 2008 Waldgeist/Waldfee hat den Geocache gefunden

16.52 Uhr. Wir haben ihn gefunden!

in: Spitzer Air BÄRlin

out: BÄRreflektor



mit Wichtel & Wichteline

gefunden 29. September 2008 Team Suchratte hat den Geocache gefunden

Team Suchratte war da 11:45

Zusammen mit Suchratte diese Aufgabe gelöst.


Gruß Team Suchratte