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N 58° 52.646' E 012° 26.187' (WGS84)

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The Pilgrimsleden is a beautiful hiking trail in Sweden. All in all, it 51 km long and is situated in the eastern part of Dalsland near lake Vänern. You will walk through lonesome forests or cultivated land and sometimes pass farm houses.




The trail starts at the church of Holms (Holms Kyrka) and ends in Edleskog. From here you can take the bus back to Mellerud, which is very close to Holm.

 We can definitely recommend hiking the whole trail. But if you are lazy you can


park your car here:

N 58° 51.130´ E 12° 26.148´


 Now it is only 3km to the cache. It is a nice and easy hike through the forest with a slight elevation. Just follow the trail which is marked with orange spots.

 If the weather is nice, you should not forget to bring your towel and some food as the cache is placed near the lake Flat in a picturesque surrounding. Here you will also find a shelter (vindskydd) -so staying overnight shouldn´t be a problem.

 The cache is a 0,5 litre plastic box with a blue lid, hidden in a root under a stone.








It contains from the start:

-TB Lars the Polarbear

-Key holder

-Card Game

-GDR Nostalgic Pins

-Fuel Lighter

-Logbook and Pen



Enjoy the hike and happy hunting.

Marc + Dori



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