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N 47° 03.766' E 015° 25.432' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 19. April 2008
 Gelistet seit: 20. April 2008
 Letzte Änderung: 14. Mai 2008
 Listing: http://opencaching.de/OC582D
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In order to save you some time:
- it's not at or near the header coordinates
- it's not at or near N47°03.255 E015°25.192
- it has nothing to do with wireless lan networks (no need to go wardriving as someone already did)
- that's just the first part of the puzzles of this cache (but probably the hardest)
- IT knowledge is not necessary

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[Hint 1:] ..be zber?
[Hint 2:] Guvf svefg evqqyr qbrf abg erfhyg va nal pbbeqvangrf.
[Hint 3:] N fvatyr yvar pbagnvaf gur fbyhgvba.
[Hint 4:] Rnpu yrggre pna or genafyngrq gb n fcrpvsvp qvtvg, ohg abg ivpr irefn.



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gefunden 06. September 2012 kjuv hat den Geocache gefunden

Puh, das war garnicht mal so einfach. Zusammen mit H4rv3y die Rätsel gelöst, dann fix zu Station 1 und was finden wir....nichts. 

Beim zweiten Anlauf hat H4rv3y dann was entdecken können, so schwer wie gedacht war es dann doch nicht, wohl irgendwie die Scheuklappen aufgehabt. Was damit zu tun war, war dann auch recht schnell klar und so konnten wir heute den Cache loggen.

Danke für diesen wunderbar durchdachten Cache, auch wenn ich mir vom Final etwas mehr erwartet hätte ;-)

gefunden Empfohlen 26. August 2009 fam.feuerstein hat den Geocache gefunden

Laaaang hat's gebraucht. Das Einstiegsrätsel blieb mir bis zu einem Tipp verwehrt, den Rest konnten ptom und ich im Teamwork erstaunlich schnell lösen. Die Aufgaben/Stages nach dem Einstiegsrätsel haben mir auch extrem gut gefallen. Nur beim Final fühlte ich mich absolut nicht wohl, da in der Gegend ein rumstierl'n auf/in der) Nähe von Privatgrund schnell verdächtig macht (in Richtung Diebstahl, Einbruch...).
TFTC, fred.feuerstein

gefunden Empfohlen 14. Oktober 2008 xro hat den Geocache gefunden

Dieser Cache hat wirklich Spaß gemacht ;-)
Ein Fehler zwischendurch hat mich erstmal daran gehindert den Cache noch am Sonntag zu beenden. Dafür heute mit Pelzwechsler den Rest der Mystery-Tour absolviert.

gefunden 10. September 2008 cezanne hat den Geocache gefunden

After having had a first short look at this cache relatively soon after it had shown up, it became clear to me that almost any solution one might wish for would be obtainable from the number array in some way. This fact together with the fact that I do not like urban caches reduced my motivation to look into this cache to zero.

In my opinion, there are way too many degrees of freedom present without taking into account hints two and three - from my point of view these two hints (or at least one of them) do contain information that rather should be part of the cache description, but that's certainly a matter of taste as there are no rules how much ambuigity is allowed in a cache. (Hint 1 is useless and Hint 4 might be helpful for some cachers, but is not necessary.)

A few days ago in the evening I had another look at the cache description and suddenly had the right idea for what I need to look for. Within five minutes I then was successful (only later I fully understood the background), but now at the point when probably most other visitors of this cache were almost done, my troubles started. I first tried to proceed without any tools, but I failed. So I had to use IT-knowledge contrary to what the cache description claims. After having overcome some technical problems, I finally was able to proceed with the next stage.

I did not encounter any problems with finding what needs to be found there, but due to a rather unfortunate combination of several facts, I rejected my first theory which later on turned out to be correct, but did not work out for me due to some reasons I cannot mention here. Some of theories with which I came up as a replacement appear to be more creative to me than the correct solution.

Anyway, during an exchange of e-mails with another visitor of this cache I was quite surprised to be told that the correct approach was among the ones I had rejected because they did not lead to anything. Two hours ago I made another attempt and used a different technique this time and now it worked. Thereafter I decided to take my bicycle and to quickly visit the cache.

To my surprise the reception was good despite the light rain and I found the cache very quickly. It was a bit more difficult to retrieve it - even at night there are people around.

As I am neither a fan of creative mystery caches nor of urban caches, I am not belonging to the audience to which this cache is addressed. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I had expected more from this cache as it received so many enthusiastic logs, but maybe exactly this fact should have warned me. If a cache like this one is able to motivate someone to become a motivated cacher, this clearly shows that geocaching has become much more diverse than it has been when I started with this activity and now includes areas which I do not associate with what geocaching is about from my personal point of view.

Among all caches hidden by aj-gps, this is so far the one which I liked the less (even less than the cache at the train station as I expect less from a traditional cache than from a mystery cache). I am very glad that I did not invest hours into this cache as from my personal point of view it would have been a waste of time.

No trade

gefunden Empfohlen 24. August 2008 Möwe hat den Geocache gefunden

WOW, this is a nice cache! Very clever riddle (and solution for it ;) )

It took me ages to solve it but with some hints I was able to get it today (with kassandra1105)

Thanks for this great cache