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Forgotten Roses

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N 28° 21.960' W 016° 27.820' (WGS84)

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  Forgotten Roses

Most objects of interest in the Parque Nacional del Teide are appreciated with information boards. These two stone roses unfortunately not.


Forgotten Roses

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The Forgotten Roses are the result of a combination of processes which were initiated when the lava river got cold, which formed this singular geological structure. When the lava is solidifying, its mass contracts and cracks. That´s why when the rocks are exposed to the wind and weather, they sometimes tend to crack adopting some characteristic shapes. In some cases, when the rocks are broken into hexagonal prisms, organs are created. If the cracks are of a radial type, "stone petals" are easily loosen, producing the formation of roses.


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  1. Measure (or estimate) the length of the right stone rose. Please send us an e-mail to "earthcache [at] me.com" with the answer. Please wait for approval e-mail before you make your log.
  2. Please take a picture of you and your GPS in front of the stone roses and add it to your log. If you’re alone on the move, a picture of your GPS with visible coordinates is enough.

Logs without approval e-mail or picture will be deleted without comment.


We hope you will enjoy this EarthCache as much as we do. We thank you for your visit and are looking forward to your e-mails!

Kind regards, Tona & Yo!

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gefunden 13. Februar 2014 Lineflyer hat den Geocache gefunden

It is really a pitty, that this place has no dedicated information board or anything official, because it is the biggest stone rose Velberlinle and myself have seen so far.
But however thanks to Geocaching this is an insider tipp.
Thanks for having us stopped here to take a closer look


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gefunden 14. Dezember 2012 arbor95 hat den Geocache gefunden

#3657, 17:54,
DfdC sagt arbor95

This entry was edited by arbor95 on Saturday, 15 December 2012 at 21:21:33 UTC.

gefunden 12. November 2012, 21:00 PuhWutze hat den Geocache gefunden

During our second day on Tenerife we wanted to visit the volcana which we had already seen from the plane. On our way to and from the Pico del Teide we could visit quite a lot of interesting earth caches and learn many things about volcanism and its impact on earth and landscapes. This was one of these caches.

TFTC from Germany. Die PuhWutze.
(Cache number 283 on 12. November 2012)

gefunden 27. Oktober 2012 60316 hat den Geocache gefunden

Discovered during our holiday in Tenerife, we received the owner's friendly ok today being back home again.
[blue]T4TC - 60316 - HJ+J[/blue]
[white]#1674 - 11:00[/white]

gefunden 14. Juni 2012 SaarFuchs hat den Geocache gefunden

From 11th to 17th of June, Saarzwerg and I (Saarfuchs) visited Tenerife and Geocaching was our travel guide...

And it was a really good travel guide! [:D]

We both enjoyed that trip. We have had booked a rental car, so we could visit all interesting places on that island!

The weather was fine - not to cold and not to warm, so our journey have been great!

During these journeys, we have looked after some caches, which have been placed on our way...

This was one of them!

The answers have been sent...

Wow - we enjoyed that EC very much - Thank you for the education...

Thanks to the owner for placing that box and influencing us to come here! [:D]

([url=http://saarfuchs.blogspot.com/]Follow my blog![/url])