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Soca Highlights No.1 - Mlinarica

 Easy small Cache, almost a drive-in. First in series.

von vane_si     Slowenien > slovenija

N 46° 24.167' E 013° 44.659' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 26. Februar 2011
 Gelistet seit: 02. März 2011
 Letzte Änderung: 02. August 2012
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Mlinarica is situated in the uppermost part of river Soca valley. Mlinarica Gorge lies hidden between mountains Prisojnik and Razor. With its snow field supplies stormy brook Mlinarica, which is fettered between rocks of Kukla mountain and is almost unseen when it flows out to Soca river. Brook has excavated one kilometer long and 100 meters deep gorge, which is narrowed in unique water channel, proper troughs, before confluence with the river Soca. The narrowest parts are only one meter wide. In the several places wedged-in rocks form natural bridges. Brook Mlinarica fall is considerable - full 300 meters in just 700 meters length. There are many waterfalls and pools in the inner part of the water channel, accessible only with special equipment.
There is an easy accessible lower part of Mlinarica troughs, just before it's confluence with river Soca, with an observation platform built there. Even from there you can get a hint of what lies behind curves of the narrow gorge, where your sight slides off high overhanging stone walls.


To reache cache just follow signs to KORITA MLINARICE (Mlinarica Troughs). Short trail with footbridge across Soca river will take you to the observation platform in few minutes. Cache is hidden about 1m from the path. For more details look at hint. Replace stones after returning cache into hiding place. Cache box volume is only 0,2 litres, just for small items!

A part of the text is taken from a book "Slovenija na dlani - Soca", MKZ,Ljubljana, 2009. Foto: vane_si;

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  Neue Koordinaten:  N 46° 24.167' E 013° 44.659', verlegt um 129 Meter

gefunden 03. Juni 2012 Le-go-mez hat den Geocache gefunden

On our way from Croatia through the Julian Alps to Austria we found this cache.

gefunden 27. Februar 2011 faina09 hat den Geocache gefunden

really nice idea this serie!!
This one was easy: the coordinates are perfect, no big reception problems (be careful!! the coords in the header are not that of the cache!)
in: tcort's St. John's TB
out: shell
Lama & Faina09 & §Grano

  Ursprüngliche Koordinaten:  N 46° 24.112' E 013° 44.596'