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6,90 Euro pro Nase (Vienna's highest cache)

von Winnie51     Österreich > Ostösterreich > Wien

N 48° 14.408' E 016° 24.596' (WGS84)

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(E) This is Austrtia's highest cache on a building. For the perfect view also a certain price has to be accepted: 6.90 Euro.


About the Tower

On 16th of April 1964, to the Vienna International Garden Festival, the tower has been opened. It has a total height of 252 meters and hence is Austria's highest building. 514 tons of reinforced concrete were built. Two terraces, a restaurant and a coffee shop invite to stay and offer a perfect view over Vienna.
The two eateries are mounted on rollers, so that the entire city gets pulled by within 26, 39 or 52 minutes.

Also the toilets are worth a visit. For they are the only ones in Vienna, where the entire city is at your feet during “your business”.

The diameter of the tower is 12 meters on the ground and gets smaller to 6 meters in 160 meters altitude.

Two elevators exposes the interior of the tower, thanks to their glass roof. It just needs 30 seconds to the top (or bottom) while going at 6.2 meters per second (about 22 km/h) up or down. Those who prefer to walk can do so on the 776 stairs. But only in case of fire. Because the stairs are only accessible during emergencies.

Until the year 2000, both terraces were exposed. To the turn of the century one of them has been completely glazed, the other one at least partially.

The cache

itself is in the open air, 150 meters above the ground. So at this point full GPS reception is ensured! However, since this is a constantly frequented tourist attraction, absolute mega-hyper-stealth-mode must be obtained! And therefore I advise you to read the hints. I have structured them, so that you can reveal a little bit more line by line.
For logging, please take the cache into the glazed part of the platform, there a sign up in the logbook, and then bring him back to the exact spot.
Another tip for the logbook: Roll the log together and put it first in the lid of film canister. Then place the can over it. Only this way the book fits into the can.

The view

The view from the tower is different every day and every hour. No views are the same. If you want to share your viewing pleasure, feel free to upload some pictures.

Times and prices

You may achieve the cache every day from 10 to 24 o’clock.
The last ascent is possible at 23:30.
The normal price is 6.90 Euro.
Seniors and students pay 5.50 Euro.
Children between 6 and 14 years 4.90 Euro.


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* Nyhzvahz vf abg zntargvp. Gur pnpur vf.
* Nyhzvahz pna or zbhagrq ba n zntargvp fhesnpr.
* Terra zra ner syrrvat gb gur yrsg. Oyhr barf cersre gb ebyy gb gur evtug. Gur pnpur vf whfg va orgjrra.
* Orybj gur enzc, 2 vapurf gb gur yrsg bs gur zvqqyr wbvag.



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nicht gefunden 13. März 2014 beeyourself4 hat den Geocache nicht gefunden

Also wir haben ihn nicht gefunden, obwohl alle Hinweise Sinn gemacht haben und wir uns auch ohne Scheu die Finger schmutzig gemacht haben :-( Anfängerpech?

gefunden 05. März 2013 irishcgn hat den Geocache gefunden

Als Krönung meiner Geburtstagsfeier auf dem Donauturm nachts auf dem Heimweg zusammen mit Kabo226 geloggt.