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RundumBreitenwaida - Hasenwaldl

 A cache from "RundumBreitenwaida" with a more difficult terrain, but easy to find.

von yoda75     Österreich > Ostösterreich > Weinviertel

N 48° 30.322' E 016° 04.770' (WGS84)

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 Versteckt am: 11. Juli 2011
 Gelistet seit: 09. Juli 2011
 Letzte Änderung: 05. September 2012
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Der Weg

Beschreibung    Deutsch  ·  English

This is my first cache and I ask for understanding, if some troubles appear. A problem for foreigners is the pronounciation. Circa in this way it is correct: "Håsnweudl"

On the cache location there was the biggest Reich Labour Service camp (R.A.D.-Lager) in "Weinviertel". On 26th June 1935 the German Empire established the Reich Labour Service for male and female juveniles. This law intended a half-year assignment - at first to reduce unemployment and for charitable work, during the war for pre-military training. After the occupation and annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany this camp was built. It accomodated up to 300 people in 30 barracks.
As usual in this time, the camp-commander was a German, his deputy an Austrian. Camp doctor was the young Dr. Heribert Luckerbauer who become the later city doctor of Hollabrunn.
After the end of war, the camp was confiscate by the soviet army which delivered the camp to the USIA-company (responsible for soviet property in Austria). After 1955 the materials were sold to the finance direction of the state. (Information from Dorfexpress Breitenwaida)

Lager vor 50 Jahren Hasenwaldl heute

More historical pictures and postcards of Breitenwaida at: ecr.wasner.it

perhaps long trousers and sturdy shoes are recommended

The Cache:
You can find an exact map from the cache area on OpenStreetMap. I have to say that officially the asphalt track may be only used by agricultural vehicles.
The coordinates of my device are with +/- 23 m very unprecise (suggestions are welcome). To make the search easier I'd like to say: the cache is on the highest artificially arranged plateau and is a 500ml glassbottle. If you see concrete-walls, you have almost reached the cache. Good luck and a lot of fun!

Original cache-containment:

  • Pokemon-ball
  • one 1-Yuan-coin
  • one 1-Jiao-coin
  • 16-MB-SD-card
  • second paper-clip
  • pencil
  • logbook
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Toilette example (as a gift for the FTF!)

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R.A.D.-Lager Breitenwaida
R.A.D.-Lager Breitenwaida


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gefunden 23. September 2012 Pimbsti hat den Geocache gefunden


So und jetzt weiss ich auch wo Breitenwaida ist.

 Cool   TFTC - Pimbsti


  Neue Koordinaten:  N 48° 30.322' E 016° 04.770', verlegt um 28 Meter

gefunden 13. Juli 2011 Team Yps hat den Geocache gefunden

"FTF" Nach der Hubertuskapelle ging´s zu diesen Cache. Lange Hosen angezogen, und ab in den Dschungel. Wenn man einen passenden Einstieg erwischt ist ist die Sache halb so schwer. Mit Hilfe des Hint war die Dose schnell gefunden.Von der Anlage ist leider nicht mehr viel zu sehen. Das GPS zeigte 28m Off. Unsere Ermittelten Koordinaten sind N48°30.322 E016°04.770
TFTH Team Yps

  Ursprüngliche Koordinaten:  N 48° 30.322' E 016° 04.793'