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N 50° 20.138' E 007° 12.849' (WGS84)

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Der Weg

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"Come in, pastor Frederick. My father is waiting for you."
"Any trouble in your family, my child?"
Gertrude lowered her eyes. "My father is dying. Hear his confession. He is calling you."
The pastor went through the hall to the only room in the house. Gertrude closed the door behind him. Illuminated by a flickering candle a sick old man was lying on the bed. The pastor came up to him.
"Good evening, Garmin."
"Pastor Frederick. I haven´t got much time left. Listen to what I’m going to tell you. And please help Gertrude...
Once when I was eleven years old we were playing at a funfair. I raced round a vat of fish and the fish scattered around the ground. A woman grabbed me and turned around.
"This is my fish, you rascal", she said. "You will have to compensate me for my loss."
"Take all you can from me", I shouted back.
"Well, my dear. Sometimes carefreeness pays such a price, whose significance it cannot even imagine."
While talking she was looking at me with her dark eyes. Prickly, piercing. Disastrous. I felt like an eel on a hot pan.
She has indeed taken something from me", Garmin half rose.
"Quiet, my child. What has she taken from you?"
"I don’t know exactly. Not my soul, not that. But perhaps the light of my soul. I am somehow hurt, sad, suppressed. Apathetic. I don’t trust my feelings. Cannot interpret them. I try not to think of that."
"You are confused."
"Yes, confused! I feel sort of rustic, stupid. I miss something. Always. But why? And the condition doesn’t get better." Garmin started to cough.
"Wait till you feel better, Garmin. Then come to see me in the church. God will heal you."
"I will pass away now, pastor Frederick. It is okay... But Gertrude... She has inherited it. My curse. I see it by her behavior. She cannot live that way."
"I will take care of her, Garmin. Should something happen I will protect her."
"No, no... You don’t understand... There is a solution. Here in the forests of Germany. I was told that by a man. The way. Secret. Intricate. Dangerous. I haven’t ventured up till now. Now it is too late for me. I could only find out some information. Concerning the way." He lay back helplessly on the pillows. He was shaking. Then he bent forward. "Gertrude... Bring her there. Save my baby, pastor Frederick. I beg you."
"Well, Garmin. I will do everything you want. What is this way?"
"Look here, pastor Frederick..."
  • Via N 50° 20.109, E 007° 12.885 go to 50° 20.039, E 007° 12.933.
  • From there proceed along the street up the hill till you come across a hut beside a Christian sign.
  • On a chain-link fence nearby, in the farthest corner from the entrance, look for the hint towards the next station.
  • Look for Fünfkantstein on the on-site map board and go there.
  • On reaching the stone choose the way between the areas Dreckigeschleif and Alten. Follow it till you see the castle Bürresheim.
  • From the bench go over the way into the forest. At one of the near beeches - in height of approximately 3 meters - look for the hint to the next station.
    Glorious rainbow
    How lovely are your seven colours -
    Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain,
    Assign a figure to every colour in rainbow’s turn.
    Find three last figures to each coordinate.
    N 50° 20.XXX, E 007° 12.XXX.
  • Baumverteilung reveals the coordinates of the next station.
    N 50° 20.XXX
    XXX = (Ei # Hessen) * (Fi, Ta, Dougl. # Rheinland-Pfalz)
    E 007° 12.YYY
    YYY = (Bu und andere Laubbaumarten # Bayern) * (Laubholz i. Ganzen # Nordrhein-Westfalen)
  • The coordinates of the final are
    N 50° 20.XXX
    XXX = the North-coordinate of the hint from the chain-link fence plus 219
    E 007° 12.XYZ
    X - the alphabetic number of the 14th letter in the hut’s name.
    Y - the number of tables in the hut.
    Z - the number of benches in the hut.
"Get to the end. To the very end, pastor Fre-de-ri..."
Garmin’s body froze in a spasm. His glassy eyes were directed towards the pastor, not seeing him.


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Schöner Multi mit schönen Ausblicken. Das Final war doch steiler als gedacht, aber machbar. Cache ist in gutem Zustand. Vielen Dank für die schöne Wanderung!

Tipp: Denkt dran euch die Hinweise zu merken, der Weg zurück ist sonst sehr weit.... ;)

  Neue Koordinaten:  N 50° 20.138' E 007° 12.849', verlegt um 102 Meter

gefunden 17. Februar 2013 Geondalf hat den Geocache gefunden

Ein schöner Multi, den ich parallel zum Geheimnis des Försters in mehreren Etappen abgearbeitet habe.

  Ursprüngliche Koordinaten:  N 50° 20.108' E 007° 12.922'