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gefunden 02. Januar 2010 häipy hat den Geocache gefunden

Found at 15.15 with Jegabo and Blindwalker
I tried to find all the hints from the other caches, but its not possible!
Thank you for changing the final. its a really good place for this cache!
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gefunden 25. Oktober 2008 mash71 hat den Geocache gefunden

This was my third IMC this day. Because of the altered description it was a quick drive-in. I appreciated that because I was running out of time [;)]
However: quickly found, loged and went home.
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gefunden 14. Mai 2005, 09:15 harrieklomp hat den Geocache gefunden

Found it with help of the spoiler pic.
Nice walk and surrounding.

Ni Nu.

Gr Harrie

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IMC No. 2 S-LUIMC No. 2 S-LU

gefunden 30. Oktober 2004 Blinky Bill hat den Geocache gefunden

Second place [:D]
Found this cache just having six hints in loose order. So we had to look for it a certain time, 30 minuts in total. First we have searched on the wrong side.
Thanks to Cpt. Cook and all other organizers for this 2nd IMC edition [^]

In: doorstopper
Out: CD-R

Marco & Kerstin

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