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mic@ (OC-Support)

gefunden 07. Mai 2010 häipy hat den Geocache gefunden

Found and logged at 19.45
A wonderful hike after Work! Thank you Captain Cook for your Caches. The Cache-Box is Dry, everything fine. I searched a Wile for the Bench, but i twas worth! When I arrived in the Cache-Area, no Car turned around the Lake, but the Bell of a Church sends his Sound over the Lake...enjoy the silence...
In: GC TT 4 of 5
out: -

gefunden 25. Oktober 2008 mash71 hat den Geocache gefunden

My first "secondary" this day, the second "secondary" generally and my second "Cook-Cache" this day.
As ever I had some problems with the description: as good as I might be in reading maps as bad I'm at the same time to follow instructions [B)]
So it took my about 12 km in length and 323 meters in altitude (only up) to find the cache. But it was not a wasted time and the detour was not wasted at all. I got a plenty of good views in this splendid area.
I recommend to do this cache in the prime of harvest: the scenery is marvoulus at this time.

gefunden 21. Juni 2003 Blinky Bill hat den Geocache gefunden

Yabbadabbadoo again [:D][:D] FTF!!!
Though 3 hints were missing we succeeded in finding this cache today. Very beautiful track in an splendid area.
Unfortunately we can't write more because we don't want to publish any spoilers.
Thanks again to the whole team who made this IMC project possible and also to all gc'rs who exchanged hints with us. Good luck everybody
In: koala keyring
Out: toy car

Marco & Kerstin

Hi Georges,

thanks for the compliment in your log: Guess f.. koala means friendly or furry koala!

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