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gefunden 17. März 2016 hmpfgnrrr hat den Geocache gefunden

While slowly walking down from top to bottom of the rock we passed this very old cache. Too bad that it is only a mirco container now.


gefunden 11. Februar 2015 sparadrap + tibecom hat den Geocache gefunden

Gefunden bei unserem Besuch an diesem kleines Land

gefunden 20. Oktober 2014 Blinky Bill hat den Geocache gefunden

Of course Gib's first was a must during our hike up and down the rock.

Thanks for maintaining it for a long time already and for a big box

In: 4x trackable


gefunden 31. Juli 2012 blackboots hat den Geocache gefunden

what a hot day but a nice trip. The place where the catch is hidden looks still like on the poictures.


TFTC blackboots

gefunden 26. Juni 2011 ockham hat den Geocache gefunden

Auf der kleinen Tour durch Gibraltar gefunden. Der FElsen ist wirklich einen BEsuch wert. wir hatten geplant auch einige andere Caches in Gib zu erledigen, nur mussten wir feststellen, dass wir einen Teile der Unterlagen vergessen hatten.

Tolle Runde! Vielen Dank


gefunden 25. September 2009 Los golfos de Berlin hat den Geocache gefunden

it was a bit complicated arrive there by bike, but i made it ;-) thanks for the nice view

in: tb minnie mouse

(3 estrellas en [url=http://dosensuche.de/GCVote/index_en.php]GCVote[/url])

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gefunden 11. September 2009 Phoonzang hat den Geocache gefunden

There weren't many muggels around today, so it wasn't any problem to search, find and log the cache.

Out: TB

TFTC Phoonzang

gefunden 30. Juli 2008 sk_willich hat den Geocache gefunden

Nice place fast found.

TFTC sk_willich

gefunden 22. August 2007 woodyjoe hat den Geocache gefunden

Found During may vacation in Spain. My found Nr. 400 by GC.

Thanks for the cache and regards


gefunden 02. April 2006 nickele hat den Geocache gefunden

Found it on our trip in Spain during our holiday.
Recuerdos de Alemania.
Eva & Jens
IN: TB Major Tom
OUT: TB Bella Bug

gefunden 19. Oktober 2005 Homer Jay hat den Geocache gefunden

What a great adventure to visit the rock in Gibraltar.
Never seen free living monkey before.
Many thanks for this cache and greetings from Cologne
Gisela & Jürgen

in : Simpson-sticker
out : coin #195, TB

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monkey looking for foodmonkey looking for food

gefunden 22. Juli 2004 JFSebastian hat den Geocache gefunden

Took out the TB 'What a croc' so I am wondering about 'Cases Dolpin'???. Anyway.. It is a cache with very good contents and well worth visiting it.

In: Sunglasses, German Geocaching Sticker
Out: TB 'What a croc', Wooden coin, something else ;)

/edit: Now i remember.. last item was a great Tintin card. Sorry.. normally i am not that greedy but that one was great ;)

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