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Hinweis 18. August 2016 uweweb hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Thanks marcelteun, I have changed the same. Greetings from Germany


Hinweis 18. August 2016 marcelteun hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

The link to the camera doesn't work. I guess this one can be used instead


or perhaps this one is more stable



gefunden 20. Juli 2013 don rauti hat den Geocache gefunden

nice place.


we´ve been here on our sweden tour 2013

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gefunden 24. November 2011, 20:27 llavids hat den Geocache gefunden

Stopped by in the evening to take a webcam photo, I could to it myself with my mobile phone. Nice statues near me. Didn't know by then that there was a opencaching entry for this one and had only registered at waymarking.com before. TFTC

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Örkelljunga webcamÖrkelljunga webcam

gefunden 12. Juni 2011 StKruse070286 hat den Geocache gefunden

schöne sache:)

Hinweis 08. Juni 2011 Löjan hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Thanks for the new adress to the webcam, uweweb Lächelnd.

Hinweis 07. Juni 2011 uweweb hat eine Bemerkung geschrieben

Adresse der Webcam aktualisiert.


gefunden 06. Juni 2011 DenFete hat den Geocache gefunden

{*FTF*} or what ever LachendLachend


 Me, Moye and Löjan went to Örkelljunga to get “FTF” at Örkelljunga webcam, but we discovered that the webcam has not been updated for a while. We take some other photos and at the webcam and so. I got a message from Löjan that it’s was OK to log this webcam cache and I was very happy for that.

I saw that Löjan has made some tip for the webcam cache so everything should work now Lächelnd

Thanks for the webcamcache


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gefunden 06. Juni 2011 Löjan hat den Geocache gefunden

Me, DenFete and Moye visited Örkelljunga today, but at the cache coordinates we discovered that the webcam is not updated in several month (picture 'Ikke uppdaterad bild').

We did what we could to get a picture as similas as possible (picture 'Löjan och DenFete') and we also documented the actual webcams to proof that we where at the spot (picture 'Webcam').

If the cache owner approve the log we do appriciate it. If the log is not approved we are disapointed, but we understand it.

Thanks for the webcam cache!

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Löjan och DenFeteLöjan och DenFete
Icke uppdaterad bildIcke uppdaterad bild

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