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gefunden 19. September 2013 Lexis1 hat den Geocache gefunden

TFTC, Schneller Fund. Über brösselige Mauer abgeklettert. Rücklings ist eine Tür, diese ist aber versperrt.

gefunden 28. August 2010 Rhodo Dendron hat den Geocache gefunden

Schneller Fund nach langwieriger Annäherung. Hab mich vom Dach der Garage in Etappen runtergearbeitet. Gibts da eigentlich auch einen offiziellen Weg?  

Bzgl. Listing bei gc.com würd ich mal mit Pupsino reden. Da lässt sich bestimmt was machen.


gefunden 22. Mai 2010 aj-gps hat den Geocache gefunden

When I approached the target area a woman asked me if I'm taking pictures of the wall.. when I denied she told me it's no problem and that downstairs one can get even closer. I thanked her and took a closer look at the wall (from above). There was a little squirrel sitting on a birdhouse next to a window above the wall; took a few pictures of it - really funny. Then I had a look for the cache box - I quickly found the "special note" and I decided to go downstairs.. where I met the woman again. She seems to work for the parking garage company and unlocked a door - telling me to close it after I was done - so I could get closer to the wall. Great; just when I went there the squirrel ran away so I took a few pictures of the wall (just in case she was watching), then searched and found the cache box. After logging I had a closer look at the area and found the squirrel again; it was now climbing up the wall towards the "Burggarten".
Then I went back to the door - which was now closed; looks like on its own (I asked her later, she didn't close it). So I had to take another "more interesting" route which explains the terrain rating of this cache.


OUT: "Winnie_Puuh´s Geocoin - All In One 2006"

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